Scott Johnson. Why protestants shouldn't listen to him.

First off, I know protestants and Catholics don’t see eye to eye on a lot of issues concerning the Church but I would advise any protestant to stay away from this man named Scott Johnson

A couple months ago on deviantart I saw someone post something in one of the Christian groups a link to a video about someone talking about how he “hates religion but loves Jesus:” (I haven’t it seen yet.) I told the person who posted that that Jesus did found a Church (Catholicism specifically) as it says in Matthew 16:13-20. Someone else replied to me and told me that Jesus founding Catholicism was in his words “the most ignorant and blasphemous comment I’ve seen so far.” He then introduced me to some podcasts from Scott Johnson.

I was absolutely appalled at what I heard and I honestly couldn’t stand listening to this man. He said things so wrong and false about the Church I honestly thought he was influenced by devil. all throughout the two hours I listened to him it was constant bashing and irrational accusations. I found so many things wrong and untrue in just the two podcasts I might take up too much space to list them all. So I’ll list some of the most important ones.

  1. About two minutes into the video the man makes similarities to technology and witchcraft. The Catholic Church is not something that worships “forces.” The Catholic Church specifically condemns divination and magic.

  2. He called the Catholic belief of heaven “nirvana” as if to deny that Catholics believe in the heaven God created.

  3. He accused the Church of supporting Hitler and Mussolini although historical evidence contradicts this. They persecuted the Church.

  4. He said millions died during the (Spanish) Inquisition when even secular sources confirm it was 4,000.

  5. He continues to say Catholics hold Mary as a goddess even though we specifically explain we do not and certainly don’t worship her.

  6. He accused the Church of killing unborn babies, despite the Church being significantly pro-life and condemning abortion no matter the reasoning for it. (in fact we pretty much are still the only Christian Church to condemn abortion and birth-control 100% and I say that not to be prideful but because I have not seen any denomination that doesn’t cave in to exceptions. Look up the Lambeth Conference, almost every denomination gave in in one form or another to these evils. It all began there.) After accusing the Church of murdering unborn babies he then said the Church is only pro-life because they want more members to join the Church. Yes, we do want more converts to the faith but that is not the reasoning for us opposing abortion. That is pretty insulting.

7. This one gets me the most. In the second podcast I listened to, while Scott did admit that homosexuality had something to do with the abuse scandal, he accused the Church of DELIBERATELY inciting homosexual lust in priests, all of a sudden making the priests to be victims (or pitiable monsters in his book) by forbidding them to marry and intentionally setting these priests loose on children to rape them. He actually accused the Church of training priests to molest boys. BUT here is what Scott said not long after. Scott said he did not know or think homosexuality is a temptation. I mean seriously? First you say the Church is raising homosexual priests to assault boys but you don’t know or think homosexuality is a temptation?

To any protestants who read this, I say this with great charity. DO NOT listen to this man. These outrageous things aren’t even half of what he said. Whatever spirit drives him, it’s certainly not one of God. He almost resembles a Pharisee, attacking the teachings of the Church the same way they attacked Jesus’s teachings and maliciously making false accusations. The Catholic Church is not the Whore of Babylon, nor is it from the evil one. Jesus founded one Church and only one Church and I would love for people to have a better understanding of it and this man will give you perhaps the biggest misunderstanding of the Church.

anyone with half a brain and was not a bigot would know this guy is a complete huckster pandering to the uninformed , ignorant and the prejudiced

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