Scott Pruitt Confirmed to Lead EPA


Senate votes 52-46 to confirm the nomination of Scott Pruitt to lead the EPA.


Is Pruitt the man who wanted to abolish the EPA, or am I thinking of someone else?


You are thinking of Dept of Energy, Rick Perry.

Scott Pruitt is another lawyer to mob the beltway.


Is that lead or dismantle?


Either way it’s a great choice!


Emails on scott pruitt are to become public on Tuesday. Anything damaging in them wont help his cause. Because, although he isnt a lover of the cc theory, and you dont have to be to be head of EPA.

"In 2014, Pruitt was caught in a secretive alliance with oil and gas industry insiders aimed at tearing down environmental protections. Emails obtained by the New York Times show Pruitt and other Republican attorneys general collaborating with corporations and lobbyists to file lawsuits and challenge federal regulations on everything from fracking to air pollution.

One of those fossil fuel insiders was Harold Hamm, Trump’s top energy adviser and CEO of the country’s largest fracking company. Hamm would go on to chair Pruitt’s 2013 re-election campaign. More recently he’s made news as one of the biggest proponents of the Dakota Access Pipeline; it’s his company’s fracked oil that would have flowed through the pipeline if it had been completed.

Meanwhile, Pruitt has received $318,496 in campaign contributions from the fossil fuel industry since 2002.

We all know the role of the EPA, its not about climate change.


So much for Chuck Schumer trying to block this. They have absolutely no power and the constant whining and complaining is backfiring


This didn’t take long:

Press Release: Franciscans Reject Scott Pruitt’s Appointment to Lead the EPA

The Franciscan Action Network firmly opposes the appointment of Scott Pruitt as head of the EPA. We are disgusted by Congress’ lack of leadership, their inability to put people above profit, and their immoral decision to not stand up for our nation’s children and for posterity.


Yes, we need someone like Mr. Pruitt at the EPA so that the whole US can become more like Louisiana, one of the most polluted states in the union. :rolleyes:


Don’t you know? Being a steward of the earth is so lame. We need to sacrifice everything on the altar of the almighty economy. Who cares about pollution as long as every blue collar worker has a job?


If Catholics want to be good stewards of the environment and contribute; support the bulk of EPA regs to the State level. It lends itself to subsidiarity and direct taxation from the state to help.


Isn’t Louisiana run by Democrats? Just sayin…


This is becoming boring this whole “I’m a better Catholic than you” bit.


Yeah, I’m sure his goal is destruction and death…


Feel free to go find something more entertaining, then.



Please keep the posts charitable
Charitably discuss the issues, not each other


You seem to be the only one playing that game. I’m not sure what you found offensive about AClaire11’s post. It’s solidly within Catholic teaching as far as I can tell. We are called to be stewards of the earth and money should not be our primary motivator.


All true. But why bring that up in the context of the EPA unless one is insinuating that wanting to curb the EPA’s power means one opposes Church teaching? Unless that was the point, why is this good stewardship red herring mentioned?

Supporting the EPA does not mean one care’s more about the environment or is more aligned to the Holy Father. It’s like claiming if you want to gut the IRS or simplify the tax code that you oppose legitimate taxation as discussed by the Church. Throwing in insinuations like that is silly and not worth even responding too.

People need to not hurt themselves when they climb off their high horses.


He is a climate change denier that seems to put profits above people and the environment. He doesn’t seem that interested in protecting the environment but he is in charge of the EPA. He is welcome to prove us wrong, it will be welcome. As it stands his apparent stance of favoring corporations over the environment goes against what the Church teaches us about stewardship of the earth, especially since Laudato Si.


It’s amazing to me how every appointment is the most evil person who wants to kill puppies until the next day’s appointment…

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