Scott Walker: Contested convention would lead to nominee who's not currently in race

CBS News:

Scott Walker: Contested convention would lead to nominee who’s not currently in race

A contested Republican National Convention in July could lead to a GOP nominee who’s not currently running for president, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker predicted Thursday.“I think if it’s an open convention, it’s very likely it would be someone who’s not currently running,” Walker told reporters Thursday, according to The Capital Times newspaper in Madison, Wisconsin.

“I mean, who knows,” he added. “I think any of us who comment on this election have to qualify that almost every prediction’s been off, so it’s hard to predict anything.”
Walker, who dropped out of the presidential race last September, has not yet endorsed a Republican candidate but told reporters he intends to soon. The governor hinted at backing Ted Cruz for president in a interview with Sykes broadcast on Wednesday.

Not a good idea.

But better than Trump. I don’t want to feel forced to vote for Clinton.

I think if things continue the way that they are and a contested or open republican convention happens, whoever wins the democratic nomination will become president.

**You mean that our own Gov. Walker still has a chance?
I would so look forward to seeing it run for President! **

That’s probably true. The GOP has become an afterthought in all the major states except TX. With the Trumpists crowding them out, they don’t have a chance.


Check this out:

Brokered GOP Conventions Often Produce A Winning President

since its first convention in 1856, the Republican Party has had ten presidential elections in which no candidate coming into the convention had a majority of delegates. In seven of those conventions, the GOP did not nominate the person who came in with the most delegates.

The purpose of brokered conventions is to produce a nominee acceptable to Republicans nationwide and who can win the general election. Six of the GOP’s ten brokered conventions have produced a nominee who went on to become president, with five of them winning the popular vote. By contrast, in the ten elections since 1960 in which the GOP was not nominating an incumbent, the Republican nominee has won four times.

Whatever one may think of the GOP brokering conventions, their track record in producing winning candidates has been slightly better than the modern system of choosing nominees. Perhaps the GOP ought not to be afraid of the possibility.

I don’t think it’s a good idea, either. People are already confused and split. This would just split them more. I think they should go with Trump or Cruz.

I agree. It’s just a bad year for Republicans, mostly because of Trump.


**I have decided to vote in the upcoming WI Republican presidential primary, and I will be casting my ballot for you-know-who. **

thanks for posting these facts. I don’t think it has been a bad year for republicans. the media turns everything into a circus to fuel their ratings.

who? :blush:


*Anyone other than Trump.

You mean AOTT?

It is true that a contested convention could help the Republican Party. But I don’t think that if trump is 50,75,100 delegates short and they give the nomination to X candidate that won’t make trump go third party and split the republican vote.

It’s up to him if he wants to do that in any case. I’m not telling him he can’t.

Yup. Brain glitch.

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