Scott Walker predicts open GOP convention would nominate someone not currently running


If the Republican Party finds itself with an open convention in July, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker believes the nominee may not be Donald Trump, Ted Cruz or John Kasich.

“I think if it’s an open convention, it’s very likely it would be someone who’s not currently running,” Walker told reporters Thursday. “I mean, who knows. The one thing I qualify — it’s like the qualifications you see on those ads you see for car dealerships. I think any of us who comment on this election have to qualify that almost every prediction’s been off, so it’s hard to predict anything.”

The governor, who ended his own presidential campaign in September, has yet to endorse a candidate. He plans to decide whether to endorse within the next few days, he said.


Has there ever been a person who won the nomination who was not running for the nomination prior to the convention?


Has there been a person who won the nomination who wasn’t running prior to the convention before?


Does that include candidates who were running but have since dropped out?


I don’t think there is any path to victory for the GOP if they choose a nominee the majority of their base rejected at the polls or someone they had no opportunity to vet through the primary. The establishment can stage a coup if it wants, but they’d likely be signing their own political death warrant.


I think nearly any one would be better than Trump. Has anyone else noticed that the big three are all balding/thining?


Well, usually Presidents leave the office looking more like the crypt keeper than the spry candidates they were going into it.


Mr. Walker is demonstrating why his own Presidential campaign flopped.


Just a hunch, but I bet if somehow the Republicans nominated Rudi Giuliani, the sense of relief would be epic. And he’d win, too.


Walker’s prediction sounds like wishful thinking to me.:shrug: He’s not suggesting they could nominate Bush, is he?:confused:

Also, aren’t the Republicans at all worried about ruining the illusion that voting citizens have some small say in this matter?


“Democracy” in action!

Staging such a ill advised coup would be suicide for the Republican party. Trump would presumably be closest to a consensus front runner in that situation, and would undoubtedly run as an independent (and I wouldn’t be surprised to see him finish ahead of any shoehorned Republican stand in either).


An interesting idea. In such a scenario, we could have the presidency being elected by the House.


I think you forgot that there’s also a Democrat running as well. My inference being that Trump would likely split the Republican voter base and possibly even best the Republican convention chosen candidate. But that both would lose to whichever Democrat ends up with the nod. Even if Trump doesn’t run, I have a hard time not seeing the Republican party back lashing against the leadership anyway. I just don’t see how this election goes the Republicans way at this point unless they let the process play out as it has been, which seems to be heading for a Trump nomination. Trump may be their last best hope to win this election in the general, as frightening as a prospect as that is for both the Republican party and the country.


I have been “predicting” for the last six or 7 months that Hillary will win, Trump second, and whoever the Republicans end up nominating will come in third. So, I guess I agree with you.

Not that any of the above are my choice.



I wonder if this is why Joe Six-Pack is ticked off? Ya think?



Hillary is weak that’s why all this disunity among Republicans is so troubling. This is a recent poll of Likely Voters to boot:



Really like Scott Walker.

If this happens, though, say hello to President HRC :frowning:


I’m trying to figure how anyone can see that as a good idea. The only way I can really see is some kind of “equal-opportunity offender” theory: i.e. that it would be better to annoy the Trump side *and *the Cruz side (and the Kasich side) a little bit rather than to make one side very happy and the other very angry. :shrug:


I agree with you. If they don’t nominate Trump, I think he will run third party and split the Republican vote.


He won’t, but a lot of his supporters just won’t vote. The same will be true of Cruz supporters, of course. That’s why Trump, if he wins the nomination, will have to attract a lot of people outside the “committed Repubs” circle.

Probably when Hillary Clinton wins the Dem nomination, most of the Sanders people will fall right in line with her.

The difference being that the ideologues in the Repub party really are different from other ideologues or just plain “function” voters. The ideologues in the Dem party aren’t really different from each other in most ways. The only real difference between Clinton and Sanders is that Clinton is a war-hawk, where Sanders isn’t. But most people don’t see that difference, and most Dems would overlook it even if they knew.

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