Scottish Conservatives to be second largest party at Holyrood

**Scottish Conservatives to be second largest party at Holyrood

The Scottish Conservatives will be the second largest party at Holyrood following a night of significant gains.

After results from the regional lists were returned, the Tories ended up with 31 seats - 32 behind the SNP on 63.

Scottish Labour won 24 seats, the Scottish Greens six and the Lib Dems five.
Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson celebrated after she won the Edinburgh Central seat from the Nationalists.

UK Prime Minister David Cameron congratulated Ms Davidson on the “historic result”.
The Tory PM said: “She is a leader who will stand up to the SNP and give Scotland strong opposition.”**

Ms Davidson received 10,399 votes in her constituency, an increase of 15% from 2011 when the Conservatives came fourth.

The Scottish leader said she was under “no illusion” that many people who backed the Tories were “true blue Conservatives”.

She said many first-time Conservative supporters backed the party “because there’s a job of work they want us to do”.

Ms Davidson added: “I hope the message that was resonating was of being a strong opposition, to hold the SNP to account, to saying no to a second independence referendum, to respect the decision that our country made and to really focus on the things we’re paying a government to focus on, on schools, on hospitals, on public services. That’s what people want.”

I must congratulate Ruth Davidson, she has done an incredible job. The Tories have been a toxic brand in Scotland since Thatcher imposed the poll tax in the '80s and the last time they did this well was, I think, 1910. So she really has worked a miracle and deserves massive plaudits.

I myself was tempted to vote Conservative (again, I did in the 2010 general election) but I’ve just fallen so out of favour with Westminster Conservatism as it has evolved that I cannot quite take that leap. Just can’t.

That said, I didn’t vote for Labour. Seems to me, that party is dying - their only real hope being Wales and the London Mayoral elections.

In Scotland, the split in the political landscape is no longer along left/right lines but is constitutional: supporters of independence versus unionists.

The Scottish Conservatives under Ms Davidson emerged as the strongest unionist voice and as such garnered support from a broad section of the 55% who voted in favour of the UK in 201.

Congratulations to Ruth who seems like a Tory with a heart.

I think the Labour vote has held on well elsewhere though. They still have by far the largest number of seats in England (1208 seats cf. Conservatives with 690) and even more so in Wales (Labour 29 seats cf. Plaid Cymru at 12 and Conservatives at 11)

Glad to hear it :thumbsup:

I’ve heard that Sadiq Khan may win the London Mayoral election too, which would be great.

I need to correct something I wrote above: I did give one of my votes to Labour, the constituency vote (sadly the SNP won my constituency from the incumbent Labour MSP) but not the second regional list (PR) vote, which I gave to the Lib Dems. I was tempted to give that second vote to the Tories, just for Ruth - but I don’t go for presidential-style ‘candidate-focused’ politics.

And yes, a Tory with a heart: who would have thought it possible :smiley:

Wait a minute. :confused:

You mean there are elections going on besides the American Presidential race? Who’d have thunk it!:):wink:

:smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

Scottish Parliament elections, Welsh Assembly elections, Northern Irish Parliament elections, English council elections, London Assembly and London Mayoral Elections - to be precise - all going on in the UK, I can report :thumbsup:

Well, I hope your having as much “fun” with your elections as we Yanks are!:smiley:

To be fair I think most Tories have hearts but I favour the one-nation Toryism of Harold McMillan. Yes, Labour are winning in London 43% to 32%. Hope you are having lovely weather too - it will be 26 degrees on Sunday.

I know, I was only joking :smiley:

It is the present post-Thatcherite Westminster Conservatism (i.e. the resurgence of the upper class Eton-educated toffs and neo-liberal economics under Osbourne and Javid) that made me turn away from the Conservatives after voting for them in 2010. And the English Nationalist semi-UKIP dimension, represented currently by Boris Johnson (who defected from the more mainstream kind for career purposes). I used to be a Tory but thing is, “converts” to a different ideology tend to be very critical of their old one, so I suppose that’s where my bitterness vis-à-vis the Tories comes in.

Ironically, I was a Tory when it was extremely unfashionable - even heretical to mainstream opinion - to identify as a Conservative in Scotland after the 1990s wipe-out. Now, when Toryism has returned in Scotland with a young, feisty and charismatic lady from a working class background, I haven’t voted in favour of it because of my (considerable and bitter) disagreements with the party establishment down south. Weird, huh? :shrug:

Yes, Labour are winning in London 43% to 32%. Hope you are having lovely weather too - it will be 26 degrees on Sunday.

Unfortunately its rather dull and cloudy up north but blissfully not that cold, quite balmy. I’m looking forward to a heatwave - I’m praying it makes its way up here asap :smiley:

Well, there are a lot of fascinating political developments going on but I have to admit, there isn’t anybody even half-like the Donald :wink:

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