Scottish Episcopal Church backs gay marriage

Thu 08 Jun 2017
The Scottish Episcopal Church has voted in favour of allowing same-sex couples to be allowed to marry in church.

The result means the denomination is the first Anglican Church in the UK to allow gay couples to wed, putting it at odds with the majority of the global Anglican Communion.

Speaking ahead of the vote, the conservative Anglican group the Global Anglican Future Conference said: “If this action is taken by the SEC it will further marginalise faithful Anglicans in Scotland who seek to uphold Jesus’ teaching on marriage.”
This comes as the split in the Anglican communion in Great Britain appears to be worsening.

**Fri 09 Jun 2017 **
A new bishop is to be appointed to cater for disaffected Anglicans in Scotland, England and across Europe.

GAFCON, a worldwide group of conservative Anglicans, has named English based Rev Canon Andy Lines as a missionary bishop.

He will be consecrated by the Anglican Church in North America at a service in June.

GAFCON says although the Anglican Church in North America is the consecrating Province, this is an initiative of the wider Anglican Communion.

Tue 09 May 2017
The Church of England has responded after a minister at Jesmond Parish Church was made a bishop by a breakaway Anglican group in South Africa.

Rev Jonathan Pryke has been consecrated as a “bishop in the Church of God” by the Reformed Evangelical Anglican Church of South Africa.

His church has confirmed he will continue to work in his parish but will also look to establish new churches in England.

The move hasn’t been done with the support of the Church of England with some describing it as a further split on the issue of sexuality.

That’s another Church heading in the wrong direction. I don’t know how they justify it given scripture has over and over how God feels about homosexuality.

Same response as from the other thread (Methodists and transsexual deacon).

Another mainstream Protestant church.

What else is new?

It’s sad to see the Church more and more divided and splintered over adhering to non Biblical practices such as backing gay marriage.


I’m not a member. I do know a little about TEC but nothing about SEC. But maybe they don’t see scripture in the same light or through the same lens as Catholics do. Many faith communities do not. :shrug:

Agree with you there, Sy. I would also add sexuality.

And this is supposed to be a good thing? Do you think God is happy that there are those who interpret it contrary to th cc?

I would not speak for God. But I can speak as a follower of Christ who loves Him and worships Him, and is quite convinced that the Body has doesn’t have one member but many. My family is the Anglican family. My brothers and sisters in Christ are Methodist or Baptist or LDS. You are the Catholic members of the family. What is most important is how we love Christ and carry out the Gospel. What does the Lord require of us? To do what is just, to show mercy, and to walk humbly with our God.

I think we’re all working on doing just that.

Apostasy. And this might be the last straw for the African churches in the “Anglican Communion.” I sure hope so. :signofcross:


News of this does not surprise me anymore. Anglicans continue to throw out even the most basic Christian teachings on morality. I wouldn’t be surprised if the next Archbishop of Canterbury was a transgender. :shrug:

LDS aren’t Christians. They are polytheist.


Not all Anglicans follow Canterbury. Not all Anglicans in the US belong to the apostate TEC. Now you know. :slight_smile:

Well, that’s a rather silly thing to say. I don’t know of a single Bishop who happens to be transgender, and that is the pool from which the PM and the Queen choose.

And what does that have anything to do with the Church in Scotland deciding to perform gay/lesbian marriages?

They love and worship Jesus. They call themselves Christians. They are my brothers and sisters in Christ.

I realize that, but the vast majority of Anglicans belong to the Anglican Communion, including those in the U.S. But I am indeed aware of the break off conservative sects. And I respect them for keeping the morality of the Christian faith.

Silly things are becoming a reality in the Anglican Communion due to all the liberal garbage infesting your church.

Muslims believe in Jesus too. That doesn’t make them Christians.

They believe the Trinity to be three gods. They believe other unknown gods exist elsewhere. They believe the Book of Mormon to be scripture. They believe Joseph Smith is a prophet. They “baptize” in place of the dead. They are basically Pelagians. They believe God the Father has a body and was once a mortal man. They believe in pre-existence of the soul. Some Mormons even believe that God didn’t create the universe, but that he formed the earth out of pre-existing matter.

These are is such stark constrast to orthodox Christianity that Mormonism is not Christian but an entirely different religion altogether. Mormon baptism cannot be accepted as valid by the Church due to their beliefs and most mainstream Christians agree that they are simply not Christians. Just because a group thinks of themselves as Christians does not actually make them Christians.



Yes. The Church officially does not accept Mormon baptism. The Church does not consider Mormons Christians. Thus, Mormons wanting to become Catholic must be properly baptized.

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