Scottish government launches gay marriage consultation

A consultation on the issue of same-sex marriages and religious ceremonies for civil partnerships has been launched by Scottish ministers.

The Scottish government said its initial view was that same-sex marriage should be introduced.

However, Health Secretary Nicola Sturgeon said faith groups who did not want to “solemnise” gay marriages should not be made to do so.

Interested groups can make their views known over the next 14 weeks.

I agree…groups who don’t want to preform same-sex marriages shouldn’t be forced to.

However for those of us who believe in civil same-sex marriages and those who’s churches support same-sex marriage this is a great Victory.

thank God for societies progress!

I agree.

Only if you’re right. Otherwise it’s just another government thinking about stamping approval on immoral acts.

doesnt matter if Im right or wrong or if your right or wrong …it will happen regardless :slight_smile:

Well…I wouldn’t say that it “doesn’t matter”.

If it’s right, then those who engage in it have no problem. If it’s wrong…well, then those who engage in it may do fine in this present world; but everybody has to die sooner or later…and after death, of course, comes judgement, whether we like it or not.

ok it doesn’t matter isn’t exactly what I meant.
but as I am a firm believer that marriage has under gone many changes since human civilization developed I see this as nothing other than the next stage. and I don’t consider homosexuality a sin. I’m not a bibical literalist and some of stuff in the bible has been discarded by Christian’s anyway. i.e Slavery (and st pauls comments on it)

one day in the future Christians will look back on it and be ashamed for their behavior

Or maybe one day gay marriage supporters will look back on it and regret that they ever chose to support it.

But of course, if you refuse to recognize homosexual behavior for the sin which the Christian faith has condemned for 2,000 years (5,000 if you include the teachings of our Jewish brethren), then our discussion is really more or less moot, isn’t it?

Sounds perfectly reasonable to me: same-sex couples should be allowed to marry, and religious groups should have the right to refuse to solemnize their unions.

lol not likely mate.
gay people are in every culture,
every religion,
every race,
every economic and political system,
come from every walk of life.
…they won’t go away, no-matter how much u try your not going to “pray the gay away” lol
their here (and always have been) and Christians are just going to have to learn to deal with it :smiley:

The same goes for any kind of sinners, they will not go away but that does not mean that we have to accept, rationalize and approve their immoral behaviors. The way to deal with it is through correction and standing firm for what is right. Playing the ignorance card because it makes feel good never worked in the long run.

one day in the future Christians will look back on it and be ashamed for their behavior

That is quite the belittling comment, coming from someone who just shuts out anything in the Bible they don’t agree with despite homosexuality being seen as a sin through the Old Testament and the New.

It doesn’t matter that gays are in every society, we are not of the World and thus Christians are not to bow down to society and what they view as normal. Had Christians worked as you do they would have just accepted Pederasty occuring in Greece and Rome, because hey “they would just have to deal with it” as you put it.

I never said that they weren’t. Nor did I say that they can be cured of their unfortunate abnormality.

What I do say is that irregardless of whatever the homosexual lobby might want, Christians—if they are adhering to the unmutable teachings of their faith—are never going to accept homosexual behavior as legitimate or normal.

Are there homosexuals engaging in homosexual behavior? Yes, and there always have been. There have also always been pyromaniacs, self-mutilators, sadists, necrophilacs, and an entire host of people with delusional self-destructive deviancies. But regardless of whatever current cultural winds are blowing, these behaviors are not normal or beneficial, and they will never be accepted as such by Christians who actually adhere to the faith----and homosexuals and their fellow travellers are simply going to have to recognize that.

I don’t see the relevance here. The fact that some people have urges to behave in a certain way says nothing about the morality of the behavior.

Christians don’t need to learn how to deal with it, we already know that. Avoid immoral behavior, help our brothers with their crosses and accept their help with our own. Neither err on the side of condemning the person nor approving the immoral action, and remember that we aren’t perfect either - but also remember that not being perfect does not excuse anything for either us or anyone else, just gives perspective.

No, we don’t need to learn what to do. We just need to actually do it.

comparing homosexuals to pyromaniacs, self-mutilators, sadists, necrophilacs is so wrong! i know several gay couples… they’re lovely people, who love eachother very much. how u can compare these things to homosexuals I will never know or understand (I hope I shall never under bigotry). personally I just think Christians cannot bear to admit that the bible and/or church could be wrong!!!

Your only problem here, via, is that you want your specific pet deviancy set aside from the others and considered normal, because you want it to be that way.

Unfortunately, I’m afraid that simply because a certain perversion or abnormality happens to be trendy at the moment doesn’t make it any less perverse or abnomal; it simply means that there are people who have been misguided by the current zeitgeist into believing that it’s normal and beneficial, when it’s not.

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