Scottish government to hold results of homosexual adoption study (CNA)

Edinburgh, United Kingdom, Mar 13, 2009 / 01:49 am (CNA).- The Scottish Government is drawing criticism for saying that the results of an official investigation into the effects of homosexual adoption in Scotland will not be made public. The announcement comes soon after Cardinal Keith O’Brien urged the government to promote adoption rather than permit same-sex couples to foster children.

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I think that we all need to know why they aren’t publishing the results of this study. :eek::o

What information are they trying to hide?:confused::confused::confused:

Yep. The Socialists/Relativists/Liberals do not want to admit that their perverse agenda is a utter and complete failure. They cannot stand the truth.

I truly do no believe, that if the results were a positive, they would not publish them.

That results are what those that oppose such situations are very much as we say.

It hurts the kids…

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