Scottish health board complains about US chastity school speaker

NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde in Scotland has been critised for attempting to control what speakers Catholic schools invite.

After Pamela Stenzel, an US abstinence expert, spoke at St Andrew’s Academy in Paisley last month, a health board official issued a warning to schools and said a complaint to the local authority was planned.

"It is not for the NHS to try and interfere with the moral code of Catholic schools,” according to senior Catholic education official.

The official suggested earlier cases about Catholic midwives and schools suggested an intolerant attitude from the health board.

Full report:

This NHS board is going away above their station. They have no right to warn schools like this.

And they say Satan is not at work in the world. :doh2:

I don’t understand what they are so afraid of? So what if we have a chastity speaker and a young person chooses to remain chaste. Oh that’s right less visits for STD’s, abortions,
medications like BCP and morning after. Probably a big business.

I think my reply to the board’s notification would be to ask which part of the speaker’s talk did they consider to be unhealthy.
I mean after all, this is the “public health board” that issued the complaint right?
So - in the spirit of good citizenship, the Catholic School response should be very polite and ask them to please clarify which part of chastity and abstinence they find to be contrary to the public health.
The reply (if there was one) could be very interesting…:rolleyes:


I have been doing a bit of reading on this story.

It turns out the event was voluntary, both parents and pupils were invited. The event was free and open to any interested party.

It was not held during school hours either, but in the early evening.

We have been reliably informed that the well known speaker on abstinence, Pam Stenzel from the U.S. will be speaking tonight, 8th May 2013 at 7.30pm. The venue is St Andrews Academy in Paisley and admission is free.

Please spread the word to anyone who might be interested.

Further information on Pam Stenzel can be found at

It seems that a homosexual secular campaigner, Garry Otton, attended the event and stirred up controversy about it with invention and hyperbole. (He also attended the recent Michael Voris talk in Scotland and tried to make trouble over it, too).

I suspect this is what lead to the NHS intervention. The tabloid media give a typically unbalanced and distorted account here, even claiming that a shocked pupil was left “requiring therapy” as a result of the short talk given by Ms Stenzel. This part of the report is completely unsubstantiated and is very obviously a lie.

Pamela Stenzel, a favourite of the US religious right – spoke to up to 200 pupils from several schools in a seminar at Catholic St Andrew’s Academy in Paisley.

But it’s claimed one pupil who heard her was so upset he needed “extensive support”.

And Stenzel’s critics accuse her of using false information to promote her pro-abstinence, anti-abortion agenda. They say she intimidates kids with lies and leaves them afraid of sex.

Stenzel’s message includes claims that condoms are not safe, and that the Pill exposes women to the risk of infertility or death.

She has also claimed in the past: “No one has ever had more than one partner and not paid.”

The ambiguous report about a pupil being terribly upset by the talk contrasts markedly with statements by people who actually attended the event. Such as this letter in The Herald:

I heard hundreds of school pupils give rousing applause after hearing a fact-filled and entertaining presentation from Pam Stenzel on sexual health

Ms Stenzels message regarding contraception seems to be that it is not 100% effective in protecting users from unwanted pregnancy or STDs - this is true.

But note the polarised, twisted way this is presented in the tabloid news report.

She also deals with the physical and emotional aspects of sex in her talks, which is what the last part of the quote above deals with (feelings of hurt, or being used etc).

The MSP and sexual health worker who each condemn Ms Stenzel in the report are also both homosexuals (the charity mentioned is a homosexual health charity).

What this is fundamentally about is homosexuals hate and fear sex education which include concepts of morality and responsibility, as well as logic and reason - because all of these things condemn homosexual activity.

As usual the hyperbole taps into existing Scottish anti-Catholicism. In addition, Scotland is a very closed minded place and people are typically fearful or suspicious of those (like Catholics) who may have different opinions or values. Anyone who does not buy into the bland conformity of mainstream Scottish thought is typically labelled “far right” or similar - this kind of smear is in the reports too.

Whats particularly outrageous about Garry Otton and the condemnatory homosexual quotes in the article, is that homosexual men cause 71% of all new cases of HIV in Scotland (2012). This is up from 67% in 2011. This is the result of the secular “do what you want, as long as you wear a condom” approach. This is the wages of sexual behaviour which is completely removed from Catholic sexual morality, which is based on simple common sense.

The NHS does not condemn homosexual behaviour as dangerous, nor has it commented on the vast over-representation of homosexual men in HIV statistics, nor on the large and increasing amount of HIV being spread by homosexual men in Scotland. Yet it attacks a speaker for advocating a responsible approach to sex.

I am increasingly depressed about how ill-informed most secular people are about things, and how easily they are manipulated by the media, politicians and activists. It is absurd that the media attack factual information about sexual health, aided and abetted by a bunch of gay men - who know nothing of normative human sexuality and who are the single most sexually diseased group (homosexual men) in all western society.

You couldn’t make it up.

EDIT - just found out the NHS guy who attacked the seminar - Nicky Coia - is the leader of the local NHS “sexual health improvement” team - so his own policies are failing to prevent the rising HIV among homosexual men. So what does he know?

What an informative post; thanks for the additional information. Amazing a talk on chastity is so problematic.

This will be coming to our coast soon. Obamacare officials will be using the same tactics to attack the Church.

It is inherent in socialism, and massive govt.

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