Scottish independence: Seven months to save UK, Cameron says



It will be interesting to see what the voters in Scotland decide to do. I kind of hope that they vote for independence, but it could be a problem economically. I hope that they have a plan for how to survive without economic help from England.

Alba gu brath! :smiley:


Their plan is to still take money from England, they are not repaying any debts (us English have to foot the bill), they are keeping the English pound and flood parliament with their politicians. Us English pay for the Welsh and Scottish to have free prescriptions for medicine (we have to pay for ours), Scottish students get free University education (English students pay even if they study in Scotland). They are closing the English ship building facilities and are building up the places in Scotland. Believe me, they will find a way to grab all the money they can. From an English person’s point of view Wales and Scotland laughingly leech off the English.

If us English voted we would give them total independence, deport all the Scottish MPs before rebuilding Hadrian’s wall. And that is why we are not allowed to vote.

Frankly the sooner they are dumped and left to stand on their own two feet, the better. They can always go whining to the EU or the US and start living off them for a change.

Yes I am disgruntled because it seems that us English keep being taken for a ride.


Thanks for your input, Avila. I have to admit that I got a good laugh from your comment about rebuilding Hadrians wall after deporting all of the Scottish MP’s. Ha! :smiley:

And why is it that the prime ministers in England tend to be annoying liberals of Scottish descent?

I think that if Scotland can’t for the most part, be independent economically, then they shouldn’t expect independence. But why is it that they get so much help from England? Is it a historic issue, in that Scotland was considered repressed by England in the past? If that’s the case, then eventually I would hope that they just let the past go, and move on and forgive England. It’s probably a complicated issue.


Will the cross of St Andrews be removed from the Union Jack this comes about?


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