Scottish nuns cleared of charges of assaulting girls in their care

Scottish nuns cleared of charges of assaulting girls in their care

Questions raised in Paisley Sheriff Court in Scotland about the credibility of accusers and allegations of religious bias against the police officer investigating the case against Mother Rosaria, 79, and Mother Martin, 77, who had been accused of hitting pupils at Dalbeth Approved School in Bishopton between 1969 to 1971.

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Truth will always win out in the end. It’s good to see the courts looking at things objectively.

This sounds like a miracle :
Great news, cleared of charges.

It also emerged that the police officer in charge of investigating the claims, DC Lesley McAuley, was seen wearing a ‘No Surrender’ sticker on her uniform at a Rangers football game.

DC McAuley, who drives a blue car with a RFC number plate, is also facing assault charges, including allegations of a racist attack. The trial heard that during the investigation she gave phone numbers of alleged victims to other alleged victims and also encouraged them to go to lawyers to seek compensation.

DC Moira Fyffe, who was briefly involved in the investigation, described this behaviour was described by as ‘highly unprofessional.’

It appears anti-Catholicism continues unabated in Scotland.

To set the context for our non-Scottish members, the Rangers and Celts are two big football (soccer) teams in Scotland which are well-known for being at loggerheads with each other. The Rangers are traditionally associated with the Protestants, while the Celts represent Scottish Catholics. Their rivalry is legendary, and was once associated with sectarian violence.

The battle cry ‘No Surrender’ dates back to the Siege of Derry in 1689, when the Protestant-held city of Derry was besieged by Catholic Jacobites. The Jacobites lost, however, and despite football being far more trivial than a real war, some radical Rangers supporters continue to use the cry ‘No Surrender’ as an anti-Catholic taunt.

Therefore, the revelation that the officer in charge of this investigation is so heavily anti-Catholic that she would trample on the professionalism of her occupation through encouraging attacks on Catholics and even engaging in them herself is proof enough that anti-Catholicism continues to blight our brethren in the British Isles who continue to hold on to the True Faith. It also underscores the kind of persecution and bias these two holy religious sisters had to suffer trying to clear their name in the face of a supposedly impartial officer who hated them with every fibre of her being.

Some good Catholic news for once.:thumbsup:

It’s actually ‘Celtic’, not simply ‘Celts’.

My bad. I haven’t been to Scotland in a while. :o

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