Scottish politician gains support to push assisted suicide bill forward in spite of Church opposition

Independent Lothian Member of the Scottish Parliament Margo MacDonald today announced she had secured the necessary backing to go ahead with a new Bill to permit assisted suicide, in spite of strong catholic opposition.

And Ms MacDonald, who has parkinson’s disease, claimed recent cases south of the border in the UK meant there was greater awareness of the issue than when her previous attempt to change the law was rejected in 2010.

If her bill passes, Scotland would become the first country in the UK to allow assisted suicide.

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maybe all the people who are in favor of it will kill themselves off, then we can get hte law changed back to normal >_>

Our world continues to disappoint me. Honestly, at this point, I cant’ wait to die. Of natural causes, of course :stuck_out_tongue:

In terms of ‘Support’ - just because Politicians *say *it is so does not mean it is so…:cool:

The next step is to guilt the unwanted that they have a duty to “let go”.

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