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So I’ll start by saying that I am going through RCIA and I’m looking into saints for confirmation and I was hoping to get a medal for a saint of Scotland. There are some but not a lot for example I couldn’t really find a lot of things for St. John Ogilvie the last martyr of Scotland. I was always interested in the catholic church (Grew up Mormon) and I had visited basilica’s in Canada and the U.S. but I didn’t start researching it more until I started looking into my family history. My mom’s side are Frasers that fought at the battle of Culloden and my dad’s side are Maxwells that fought at the siege of Caeverlock both of which had religious reasons. I wanted to honor them and the saints of Scotland for praying to God for my heart to be turned. Sorry for my backstory I was just wondering why no one really talks about those saints other than Saint Andrew and Saint Margaret there is almost zero medals for the other saints and if anyone knows of other countries that are similar.

Scotland doesn’t have many Catholics, and its dominant religious tradition is Presbyterian which doesn’t really believe in saints the way Catholics and Anglicans do.

In addition, there tend to be medals only for the most popular saints. Ireland has a lot of saints, but most of the medals are St. Patrick and St. Brigid even though there are dozens of others.

Pictures On Gold is a good place to find obscure saint medals, in addition they will custom make you a medal of a particular saint, blessed or Servant of God if they don’t have it in stock, but you’ll pay extra for that. I see they do have St. John Ogilvie in stock though. I also saw somebody else selling a St. Donald of Scotland medal.


St. Andrew. St. Columba. St. Cuthbert. St. Fergus. St. Magnus. St. Margaret of Scotland. St. Mungo. St. Ida. St. Regulus (AKA St. Rule). St. William of Perth.

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Thanks I’ll definitely check them out

  • Scotland was home to a host of saints, especially in the earlier centuries when many missionaries from Ireland established hermitages and monasteries across the country leading to a proliferation of holy people, some of whom then went abroad to help spread Christianity in continental Europe.

  • Adomnán, Adrian of May, Almus, Angus (Oengus) of Keld, Barvitus, Beccan, Blane, Blathmac, Brendan of Kilburnie, Cainnech (Kenneth) of Aghaboe, Cathan, Cathróe of Metz. Columba of Iona, Comman, Constantine of Strathclyde (Protomartyr of Scotland),. Conval. Curetán. Daniel of Kingarth, David I of Scotland, Donald of Ogilvy, Donnán of Eigg, Drostan, Duthac, Ernan, Ethernan, Fedelmid, Fergus, Fillan of Pittenweem, Finan of Aberdeen, , Findlugan of Islay Gervadius, Gilbert de Moravia, Glascianus (Glaisne), Guinoch, Himelin, Inan, Kessog. Kentigern, Kentigerna, Kieran of Saighir, Rögnvald Kali Kolsson, Ludan, Machan, Machar of Aberdeen, Máelrubha, Magnus Erlendsson (Earl of Orkney), Margaret of Scotland (she was Hungarian!), Marnock, Medan, Mirin, Modan, Molaise of Leighlin, Moluag of Lismore, Monan, Mungo, Nathalan, Ninian, Oda, Oran of Iona, Psalmodius, Regulus (Rule), Ronan, Serf, Teneu, Ternan, Triduana, Wendelin of Trier, William of Perth.

  • Note that spelling of names can vary between sources, particularly when working with Irish/Gaelic sources.

  • Btw – the Maxwell’s castle where they were besieged by the English was actually Caerlaverock.

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I don’t think anybody is disputing that Scotland has a number of Catholic saints.

The issue is that our friend is having difficulty finding medals (and possibly other sacramental items like holy cards) for the vast majority of them.

It is a problem I myself have with many saints who are more obscure than the two or three dozen “greatest hits” saints of the USA.

Indeed. The site ‘’ has a few of the ‘rare’ ones, and there are other sites too. As for ‘holy cards’, utter simplicity - carry out a google search (images) for the saint of choice, find what you like, print it and laminate it. And if you search for “saint x medal” (still in image search) you might find someone selling it or, if there is none, then it has probably never been made (there are companies that will make one on request).

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They made my medal as I needed 14k white gold. I also paid extra to have it make thicker. Otherwise, the medal was very light and thin.

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