Scrament Records


My three children were baptized and confirmed. However I drifted from the church and divorced. We do not have any paper records of these events. Where might I find the records?


If you contact the church they were baptized/confirmed in, it should be in the parish records.


They are usually kept at the parish where the sacrament was received. If the parish is closed call the diocese.


I think the records are kept in the parish where they were baptized. Subsequent sacraments (confirmation, matrimony) are added to the baptism certificate. If confirmation was in a different parish than baptism, they would send the paperwork along to the one that did the baptism to add it to the record.


from my understanding, many churches will also send a copy to the local chancery office as a backup in case of fire, flood etc. so if you can’t get a hold of the church, please call the chancery office.

Where I live there are three parishes churches almost within walking distance (we’ve often talked about a Corpus Christi procession between the three but that would be very long and the older members of the Parish couldn’t make the hike (^_^) ) and we will keep a copy for each other, although it is very basic, being nothing more than a ledger entry of parish, church, date, celebrant, etc… so a search would take quite a long time.


In our diocese the registers are supposed to be photocopied once a year and the copies forwarded to the Chancery archives.


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