Scriptural way of the cross (WYD 1995)

Hello! First of all, peace be with you. It’s my first time here, so please, bear with my spelling and grammar. :slight_smile:

I would like to ask if anyone knows a list or text of the Scriptural way of the cross that is similarly patterned to the one used in the WYD 1995?

The stations are listed as follows:

The Last Supper
The Garden of Gethsemane
Jesus Before Pilate
The Scourging and The Crowning with Thorns
The Receiving of The Cross
The Fall
Simon of Cyrene Helps Jesus
The Women of Jerusalem
The Stripping of His Garments
The Good Thief
Mary and John Below The Cross
The Death of Jesus
The Laying in The Tomb
The Resurrection

We have the stations with the similar list in vernacular but I need the English version.

Interesting stations that you list. I am not familiar with that particular listing. We use the St. Alphonsus Ligouri Stations with latin/english.

None of those correspond to what every church [should] have on its walls. Also, leave the Resurrection for Easter. I’ve heard of people using the Resurrection as the last station and then proclaiming alleluias - during Lent!

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