Scripture "Code"

The Bible uses numbers and words sort of as “code” or metaphors, etc. For instance, referring to the word, “many,” it actually means most or all. And the number 7, refers to wholeness or entirety, I recall. Is there a listing somewhere with the complete group of numbers of words, and what they actually mean in the Bible? I am surprised there is not a separate category for scripture on this web site, by the way, unless I missed it.

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Interesting question, I found this website:

it’s probably incomplete, I’m pretty sure there are symbolic words or numbers on every page of the bible, and that would be an extremely long and complex list!

Interesting to hear 40 used to represent times of trial. I was aware of it as a substitute for an indeterminate amount of time, as in the flood lasted an indeterminate number of days, Christ was in the desert for an indeterminate number of days, etc.

Is it a great idea to throw all of your personal information out on the internet?

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Thanks. Did not realize that.

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