Scripture Discussion During Communion Service

OK, I never thought this would happen in my parish, but apparantly it is happening. I went to a Communion service this morning that was led by a woman in our parish. After the Gospel reading she opened up the floor for discussion and led this discussion, giving many of her own opinions about the reading. Some of the discussion bordered on heresy (eluding to male chauvanism as to the reason that women are not priests). I left the service during the discussion and went to talk to my pastor. He said he knew that this “discussion” was taking place and had no problem with it, and then basically walked away from me (he was packing to move as he is being transferred to a new parish - yeah!). While I need to straighten things out with him becuase I was not very considerate barging in on him like that while he was moving, I am still really upset that this is taking place in our parish. I will talk to our new priest about it, but I also want to talk to the woman who was giving the “homily discussion”. Can anyone guide me in the right direction as to Church teaching with something like this? Is it considered a “homily” during a Communion service? I know that lay people can read the Gospel during a Communion service and often read a short, pre-written meditation/homily. Can a lay person do this? What is the “rule” about this? Where can I find it? Help!!!

There is a great discussion of this topic right on this site in the past threads section. I can’t tell you what book it was in, but years ago, before there was a greater regulation of Communion Services, there was a book that stated that the faithful at a Communion Service could discuss the readings. Since then in our diocese, very strict guidelines have been written and lay people do not give their own reflections. Before I was Ordained, I read a reflection written by a priest, but this was at a Sunday Service (No priest available) and not a daily one. As is mentioned in the old thread, it is up to the local bishop to give direction on the proper way to conduct these services. I do most of the services when our pastor is unavailable.

Deacon Tony

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