Scripture or picture?

Not really a “traditional” Catholic question, but I think it will be taken seriously here…may be the ultimate scrupulous question ever…??? Anyway, say you have two books and limited space for them, so one has to go on top of the other. One is the Bible (not the NAB or KJV, etc, as the answer would be obvious) and the other is just a spiritual book, written by a Saint or priest or someone, but with a picture of Christ on the cover. One has to go on top. Which do you believe to be more appropriate? Thanks everyone.

I usually put the bigger book on the bottom, and the smaller one on top

is this a trick question?

Not at all. My other book is the same size as my Bible though.

My first thought is that I’d put the one with the picture of Christ right on top. But that’s for two reasons. One for fun, just in case someone were to visit and see the picture, it may start either conversation, or conversation and controversy. Secondly, because lately I think of scripture, where Christ teaches that those that attest to me will be attested on his behalf to his father. I want to put him right out there and feel that at every corner there’s another opportunity to attest to him. On the flip side, there’s no saying that the bible on top wouldn’t achieve the same result.

Blessings to all,

If they’re the same size I would put the one I use most often on top.

I would put whatever I use most.

I often have a hard time reading the bible. It’s not that I don’t like it- I just prefer to read more contemporary literature. The bible helps me see the Faith like I’m looking at an old painting. It is beautiful, I can really be inspired by it, I like to read it regularly, and I can often find things that inspire me. I often need help finding God in my everyday life though. Reading other spiritual writings are more helpful to me for that.

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