Scripture reading for a wedding?

I was asked to give a scripture reading at a Catholic wedding and need some help with suggestions on what readings would be good for weddings.

Usually the bride and groom make decisions about which readings to use. If they’re leaving it up to you, have they specified whether you’re to read from the Old Testament, Epistles, or Gospels?

The bride and groom to be have asked me for scripture suggestions, I have not been to a catholic wedding in so long, and was hoping to perhaps get some advice here.:rolleyes:

Here are two sources that claim to give the list of readings used in Catholic weddings. It might be best to check with the parish to be sure.

Catholic Wedding Liturgy Readings

Catholic Wedding Readings

THANK-YOU SuscipMeDomine…this will be a good start and lots of info too! :thumbsup:

You can’t just chose your own readings. You select from the choices that are spelled out in the rite for weddings. The first reading is from the OT and there are several choices. The second reading is from the epistles and there are several choices for that too. You cannot read from the Gospels.

The bride and groom should have received a booklet that shows what choices are available.

(Not likely, but, if this is a wedding at a Mass, it is prudent to check and make sure that there isn’t a requirment to use the “readings of the day” from the Sacramentary)

If they also ask you for music suggestions, take my advice and stay away from “Onward Christian Soldiers”…

don’t ask… :o :eek:

Deuteronomy 6:4-9 and about 5 verses starting at Mark 12:28 would be good in any occasion.

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