Scripture's true interpritation


If the New Testament can be diversely interpreted, and interprited in ways that would conflict with Gods will, it would require those who discerned its inspired status to be able to recognize the inspired content within it. So to correctly understand the New Testament in terms of the inspired content, and rightly grasp the content that is Gods word, one must be able to see in the scripture what the men who discerned its inspired status saw. Otherwise, one could read a passage, and see something other then what the inspired text was saying.

So for one to see as closely as one could, what the true intendedly inspired content in the New Testament was, one could look to the men/church who discerned the texts, and see what they believed, IF they did believe the inspiration themselves. Right?


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the short answer is, right.

The bit-longer answer takes a few more words. Scripture gives us new insights all the time, as the Holy Spirit chooses to reveal the truths to us.


Hi Peter,

This from the encyclical of Pius XII, Divino Afflante Spiritu :

In our own time the [first] Vatican Council, with the object of condemning false doctrines regarding inspiration, declared that these same books were to be regarded by the Church as sacred and canonical "not because, having been composed by human industry, they were afterwards approved by her authority, nor merely because they contain revelation without error, but because, having been written under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, they have God for their author, and as such were handed down to the Church herself

You can see from this that the Church did not accept the Scriptures as inspired because she "discerned" inspiration iln them, but because they were handed down to her as inspired. It is rather a Protestant idea that inspiration can be ."discerned" by examining its content.

We must also emphasiz that ALL of Scripture is inspired, not only parts of it, such as, for example, passages pertaining to salvation.

As for interpretation, we can all do our bit, but, as you know, the Church is the ultimate interpreter of Scripture.

What do you think?



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