Scruples. Gluttony. Communion. Holy Doors. *facepalm*

I plan on receiving Communion and going through the Holy Door at the Cathedral Mass me and my grandma are going through tomorrow. However, I was already quite full today, went to confession, and when I got home had a pig in a blanket with a few friea(and ketchup).

Is this gluttony or are my scruples acting up again? Please respond. Pax, Upgrade

Welp. I got an answer from Fr. and he told me not to worry.

Good. I am glad you received your answer. Please, indeed, do not worry.

The 12 commandments guide us… We are all Saints under construction. Even the Saints had a thorn in their sides (St.Paul) who prayed three times for its removal and God told him he’d have to keep it. His grace is our sufficiency.
There is three hours of fasting before communion. Don’t break that. It may have changed. But I’m comfortable w 3 hrs. Years ago, one fasted after midnight. If we went to 1215pm mass. The faithful were passing out like flies.
Google 6 sins God abhors. Pride, gossip, ?,?,?,?. I think the others may be gluttony, lust, sloth, ?. I know unforgivness and contained anger are bad.
The Our Father says,“FORGIVE US OUR SINS, AS WE FORGIVE THOSE WHO TRESPASS AGAINST US.!” If we don’t forgive, we can’t be forgiven. Jesus cannot abide where hate resides.
I hope that puts perspective on prioritizing sins for worry.
Your a teenager and actual chemical changes occur in your body picked up on head CT’S or PET SCANS. Keeping Jesus in your heart will help you control some teenage unnecessary journeys.
Being a Christian nerd saved me from stupid stuff. I wanted to be a nun. That helped,too. I have memories of being lonely. I had 4 good friends. But, other classmates were tempted and fell into sin. I skipped that by God’s grace.
St. Anthony has a prayer for purity. Google it. Make up your own.
in Christ’s love
Rejoice in your journey loving your family and following in their spiritual paths.

No. It sounds like you are a hungry teen. Be at peace.

Did not Jesus say that what comes out of your mouth is the problem not what goes in?

From what I hear, and I could very well be wrong, gluttony is more of habitual overeating, rather than eating a lot. I doubt snacking, or even snacking a lot, is gluttony. It’s when you eat a whole row of cookies every day for life when it becomes gluttony. I hope I’m not mistaken! :o

Gluttony=your eyes are bigger than your stomach.

For future reference regarding gluttony of food:

Individual acts of overeating…intemperance (gluttony in this sense) are ordinarily venial matter for venial sin

(could it ever be mortal?- lets see an example could be if ones doctor tells one - stop eating a gallon of ice-cream every night - if you do not your going to be dead in a month- I know this is a far fetched example…but hopefully it is somewhat helpful (a person getting drunk out of their reason is another example of gluttony but that is not about food).

And one is not necessarily committing any sin - talk with your confessor.

Make sure you have a regular confessor to assist you with scruples since you mentioned such.

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