Scruples or Mortal Sin

Sorry to come back with another of these questions, but due to the nature of these two things I don’t want to make a judgement on my own. Please respond even if it’s just a one word answer; I want to know if I can receive at daily Mass.

First, someone was telling me about a sick relative. I thought about saying I’d pray for them, but decided against it because I didn’t know if they were religious. I then thought that my reasoning may be mortal, but I decided to still not say anything and try to figure out if it was mortal later (once the situation was over).

Also, I was in a discussion where I was nervous to state the Church’s teaching. As a result, I decided to remain silent. Again, I was worrying if this was mortal, still I didn’t speak. That was until someone said something, I felt that I could comfortably agree with (it wasn’t exactly the doctrine I was nervous about). I spoke up, but then felt that I may have implied support for a false opinion. Still what I said was true.

So what do you all think?


Your reasoning for not saying you would pray for the sick person because you did not know if he/she was religious was prudent. Of course, the good thing to do would be offer a pray for the person silently. However, even if you didn’t do this, I really can’t see how that would qualify as a mortal sin. Unless you didn’t pray for the person out of some deep-seated malice or for some other gravely misguided reason that desires the worst for that person.

As for the second question, your nervousness to speak up detracts from your culpability as it prevented the total and free consent of your will. However, in my opinion, based on what you have stated, there is not enough gravity there for the commission of a mortal sin.

It seems to me that you are worrying to much. The very fact that you are afraid you are committing mortal sins says that you are contrite and most likely don’t have the interior disposition to commit one (idk if that makes any sense).

Remember, God loves you. And of course, you should always discuss matters like this with your spiritual adviser/confessor. Receiving sacramental confession will assure your forgiveness and help you be at peace.

Scruples! Mortal sin must be objectively grave matter - matters which destroy charity rather than simply injuring it. Mortal sin must be that which you know to be gravely sinful and which you enter into with the full consent of your will - an act of willful defiance of God. Human weakness is not a mortal sin - else none of us has any hope. Did you curse anyone to hell? Did you pray that evil would come to them? Did you speak against the Church? If not, then how can such simple mistakes as timidity or thoughtlessness be mortal sin? You can repair your thoughtlessness by simply praying for that irreligious person now. You can seek another chance to defend the faith. By contrast, in the case of mortal sin how do you, by yourself, undo the damage done by physical assault or fornication? You cannot - these are serious matters.

A question: Do you feel a compulsion (as opposed to a loving desire) to receive, even though you are aware that the Lord will accept you with but a single yearly reception (during the Easter season)? Do you fear that missing a reception possibly places your soul in danger? I ask, because feeling compulsion from a disordered sense of personal sin, or doubt of God’s mercy is one possible indicator of OCD, from which many cases of scruples come.

Please talk to Father about your fears and about scruples in general, as they can lead to such serious doubts about God’s goodness and mercy that they can become the sin.

Reasoning cannot be a mortal sin! :shrug: I can understand your train of thought to some degree, but we especially need to pray for those who are not in the Catholic Church or who are not living as fitting for militant members of the Church, that special graces be given to them unto conversion or fervor. :slight_smile:

We are called to be light and salt and teach God’s truth and the true religion to the nations. Now in a mere discussion, you can remain silent and it is no big deal. But you need to be brave, and pray for the gift of fortitude. We need to stand up for the faith, not for our sake or to make the Church look good, but for the sake of others’ souls. Their souls are in danger if they ignore or go against what the Church teaches, because that which She teaches is revealed by God. So don’t be afraid to state the Church’s teaching, and get ready to be mistreated about it! :o

I’d say odds are you are disposed to receive Holy Communion.

If you haven’t already I recommend checking out Scrupulous Anonymous.

May God bless you.


Dear friend

Hoping to say this as kindly as possible, it appears that once again you are wrestling with scrupulosity. Please consider seeking some advice about this in the confessional. It will bring you much peace of mind.


:thumbsup: :thumbsup:

To add to this, I think one needs to be a bit careful, though, on how they bring up what the Church teaches, in particular if one is around those who aren’t Catholics themselves; In any case, though, gentleness, and not being condemning in any way, should be how one should bring up what we believe as Catholics. :slight_smile:

I concur! ^.^

Absolutely! :slight_smile: The message of salvation is a Good News, and as such it must be shared.

Yet our faith is not fluffy cotton candy that makes us feel nice and warm, but a two-edged sword that pierces between flesh and soul. Nevertheless, we must be able to wield it with the same gentleness with which our Lord did, being meek and humble of heart - but also firm, uncompromising, and even willing to see others walk away from Him, or pick up rocks to throw them at Him.

By the way, I truly love your quote…it comes as a sip of fresh water right now!

“Never speak ill of anyone. Never complain or murmur. Be very patient, for patience leads us to Heaven.” ~ Our Lady of Fatima to Jacinta

Thanks for the replies and I’m sorry I didn’t post back sooner. So ya I do have OCD and I believe it is playing a role in my scruples. I actually have gotten better at dismissing things; the problem was that this touched on something I truly do struggle with. I have had the tendency to dently the faith in fear. So even if I didn’t go there then, it made me uncomfortable. I am in the process of finding a confessor and have meant a few great priests.

I know that I only have to receive once a year, but abstaining can become frustrating. All of this occurred the day after I went to confession; I really didn’t want to already be in mortal sin.

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