Scruples (too complicated to write it on the title)


First of all, I come from a family of non-practicing Catholics. When I converted I got my mother and my grandma back :slight_smile: . So, since I come from a non-practicing family, if they find me reading the Bible they would exagerate and think that I’d become a priest, for example (I have heard it from my mother, my grandma, one friend though I’d be a catechist). I consider myself a normal Catholic, I go to Mass every Sunday, I pray the Rosary once in a while, I sometimes watch Catholic youtubers (New Catholic Generation, RebornPure, Catholic Answers, and a few more) and sometimes read the Bible (I haven’t in a while though). The thing is that, since when I do any of those things except for going to Mass they think I’d become a priest or call me a fanatic (my father did :frowning: ), I tend to chicken out and, for example, pause the video or hide the Rosary. Is, chickening out like that a sin? I mean, is it shame what I feel for God? Is it mortal, venial, or not a sin at all?


Maybe when your family see you doing ‘religious’ things they feel a little bit embarrassed about the fact that they don’t do those things anymore! Don’t worry about it, just smile and say “I just really enjoy reading the Bible/praying the Rosary”.

I’m sure that over time, they’ll get used to it.


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