Scruplosity or normal way of thinking?


As some of you might know from one of my threads from a few weeks ago - I tend to be scrupulous at times. Sometimes I struggle to determine if something is really something to be concerned about. This is one of the sometimes.

At school, there is this classroom that I have math in. There are ceilings on the roof, but a few days ago I noticed that one of these hangs from the roof. In my opinion, it looks risky since there are people sitting close to it. The thing is that I´m concerned that I would morally have to tell someone at school (like somebody in the reception or a teacher) about this so that it can be repaired. I know that this is not really my responsibility but I don´t want it to drop down on someone, this is what have been holding me on until now.

So my question to make here is whether this is a reasonable and normal thing to be concerned about, or if this is just my scrupulosity making me worry. I know at this point I should talk to a priest about these struggles I have, but I find that hard to do since I´m not comfortable with being so personal with other people - and the priest is not too different.

I hope to get some advice on the topic so I know how to approach this scenario.
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

The same rule applies which I would presume you have already heard, but if not:

no one here is capable of dealing with your issue, and the internet is not the place to seek counsel. If you have a question, you need to take it to your pastor or confessor.

The way to approach the scenario is through your pastor.


Please, speak to him. He’s qualified to help you, we here are not. Your scruples won’t get better until you get offline guidance and help with someone who knows you and is trained to help you.

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I see your point, but what would you do about such a scenario if you were in my shoes?

Talk to your Priest.

If you keep asking the question, then you do not see the point.

Speak to your pastor.


When people refuse to answer a question on CAF, and refer them to their priest because of fearing to feed that person’s OCD/scrupulosity, it’s not to be mean. It’s out of love and concern.
I know it feels like one is asking a simple question…if we just give a simple answer everything will be ok, but it doesn’t work like that. Reassurance kinda feeds the need for more reassurance in a scrupulous person so out of love we want people to speak to their own priest who can shepherd him/her properly.


I know, it´s just that I find it hard to do so.
One of the things on this is that I´m a teenager and I would not want my close ones to know that I struggle with this & if I approach a priest then they would want to know.

I contribiute to cathechesis so the idea to be doing so without them knowing would be to make an appointment straight after the schedualed time for cathechesis.

Furthermore I worry about it being awkward and what the priest will think of me, and if it´s going to affect the tasks I do for the parish etc.

There is nothing that you can tell a priest that will faze him.
Priests want to help. It’s why they became priests.
Nobody need know that you’re consulting a priest.

It is a lot easier to speak to your priest than to worry about it.

Who cares what other people think? You have to look out for your own health.

I see, but I still struggle with it…

But thanks anyway for using your time on me and my issues.

If you spot something you consider dangerous then why not just mention this to a teacher or to the school office
school? How they then deal with it is their responsibility, not yours.

I remember commenting it to the teacher just fastly before we left, but she didn´t seem to think much about it. To be safe, I just messaged the school on Facebook.

Do you think that it´s sinful that I knew about this but didn´t mention it until now? @Brendan_64 I wanted to let it go a few days to figure how I should approach it.

Everyone here says speak to your priest about your scruples, but then you continue to ask people what to do. Get help.

We don’t have a duty, moral or legal to point out everything to everyone that could be a liability.

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Are you diagnosed with OCD? (Scrupulosity – as a subset of OCD – means constant preoccupation with doing the right thing.)

Mental issues feed on secrecy. You should be open with your parents that you are struggling spiritually. Often scruples are part of a larger number of mental health issues including OCD and anxiety. So, you should work with your parents on a treatment plan.

I’m not diagnosed or anything, I just tend to
recognize the symptoms myself. I don’t seem to have much other mental health issues rather than a possible OCD.

This is scruples. You really need to speak to your priest AND your parents about what you are experiencing.

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I would talk to my priest; not solicit advice from the internet.

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