Scrupuloisity and Sin

I realize I should talk about things like this with a priest, but I won’t have access to one until maybe Saturday, and I’d really like to know if what I did was sinful in any way.

I was drinking something, and even after I felt full (at least I’m sure I felt full) I continued to drink it, knowing full well that it could possibly be a sin or even gluttony.

Additionally, I occasionally have itches in random places (ears, nose, jaw, etcetera). I’m normally able to hold off from scratching them, because when I do, I inadvertently cause sexual pleasure somehow. This time I scratched an itch that I didn’t expect to give me sexual pleasure - I know that wasn’t a sin, but the itch came back in the same place. Knowing that it would give me sexual pleasure, I sort of decided to scratch at it again. I didn’t want to feel sexual pleasure; I just wanted to relieve the itch. Was this a sin?

Thank you. Also, I apologize if there’s only supposed to be a single question; I figured it’d be easier to fit this all into one thread.

As Providence disposed it, you do have the opportunity of access to a priest…just one over the Internet.

One scratches an itch in order to alleviate the itching. And the actual sin of gluttony is more than simply drinking more than we need not to be thirsty.

These are topics not suited to in-depth discussion on a public Internet forum. What I can say is to encourage you to speak in person to a priest – and you can mention to him that a priest who read two of your posts on matters of conscience in a forum encouraged you to speak to him for guidance in being scrupulous.

Until you can see him next week, I will set your mind at ease: be at peace.

I am also saying: Receive Communion, without fear, if you have the occasion; ask the Lord as you receive Him to fill you with His peace and to deliver you from the anxiety in your heart. Keep repeating the aspiration “Jesus, I trust in you.”

Follow the advice of the priest who will help to guide you beyond scruples. You will need to trust him and his judgment as he helps you deal with the sensitivity of conscience. Normally, it will take time and this will need the help of a kindly and knowledgeable confessor but it will improve. In the moment, it is a suffering. Be patient. I assure you that I will be praying for you.

To give you an example of gluttony: Many adults and children suffer from obesity these days. I don’t mean to be uncharitable, but I wonder how on earth some adults get so large. Some ladies I know look like barrels with legs. They are round, not-so-firm, and fullly-packed, like a lucky strike cigarette. (You probably don’t know about Lucky Strikes if you didn’t grow up in the 1950’s). I don’t think many of these people give gluttony a serious thought until they have a heart attack.

Some of my lady friends live to eat. Every time they suggest going anywhere, it is always for food. I can’t afford to eat out all the time, but they somehow manage to do it to their own detriment. They complain if the meal doesn’t offer enough food, and the restaurant must bring lots of fresh-baked bread or rolls. Gluttony is really a terrible thing because it appears the person can’t help eating - that is what they do.

Have you ever seen an extraordinary fat person? One that weighs over 500 lbs.?

One day the crematory in Scottsdale, AZ spewed forth black smoke, When people complained, it was told that the crematory was trying to process an individual weighing over 500 lbs. It caused the black smoke because the fat caused it. I imagine that they could have a major fire which would consume the whole building.

The fat was in the fire that day!

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