Scrupulosity Confession Hypothetical

Hello my fellow Catholics,

I thought I’d start a discussion on scrupulosity and propose a hypothetical situation.

There’s always that person who can rationalize themselves out of mortal sin and talk everything down to a venial (in their own minds). Obviously, this is not good.

But, what about the flip side of the coin? What advice would you give to a person who constantly rationalizes their own venial sins or even simply non-sinful quirks, mistakes, temptations, and hiccups that are actually not sinful into mortal sins?

For the purposes of discussion, let us also say that this person has been explained the 3 criteria for mortal sin - but they still rationalize themselves into that configuration. If this person also likes to go to confession every week or two to get cleaned up even without mortal sin (while being aware that venial sins are forgiven during Mass) - would you tell them to hold off on the confessional? Something other?

Thought this would be an interesting query.

Go to Mass would be my answer.

A well-formed conscience is important. Scruples are a form of mental illness and should be addressed in that way.

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