Scrupulosity help?

Hello, im Ben. This is my first post on this forum so I thought i’d better introduce myself.

I am a sufferer of scrupulosity but at the moment it seems to be under control, but I still have a few burning questions. Firstly, when someone commits a sin do they instantly die? Secondly does God have a set date for each of us for when we die? Lastly I am a believer but i’m not sure about my parents, does God kill people who are non-believers?

I know they are all to do with death and some of the questions sound stupid but I am just looking for some clarity.

Hi Ben,

I am definitely a sinner and I’m still kick’n. So God does not take our lives when we sin. God knows everything; He certainly knows when He wants to bring us home. To say that He kills us sounds like He murders us—and this He does not do. He created us out of nothing and keeps our hearts beating for as long as, in His wisdom, He determines to be for our own good. Then He stops our hearts from beating and takes our lives to Himself. He Himself died on our behalf. Jesus told us that it is not His desire that any of us be lost.

He loves us all; both believer and unbeliever. He alone knows why some do not believe. If their unbelief in not their fault, they will not be lost.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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