Scrupulosity, misjudgement, Communion


Hello, dear brothers!

I think that I’m very scrupulous…

…and I know that when we are in doubt (about ​​having committed a mortal sin or not), we can do a Act of Perfect Contrition and go to Communion.

But, I wonder if become really mortal sins misjudgments of scrupulous… of people that really know that are scrupulous.

Can you help me?


A regular confessor can be able to tell you if you struggle with scruples or not.

A person with scruples - ought to have a “regular confessor” who can direct them. Such is the age old practice in the Church.

For ones scruples interfere with right judgement of conscience. One can become like a ship without a rudder. For a time at least one needs that regular confessor. One follows his direction (in what is not manifest sin -like he says go murder so and so -that one would not do). He can also give you general principles for you to follow.

I will note too - for those who are scrupulous -that in general it can be said that scruples are to be “dismissed” not conversed with. Treated like a barking dog or a hissing goose --one does not stop to talk with either of those does one? No. One keeps walking (image borrowed from a Carthusian from the middle ages).

With the guidance of a regular confessor who knows one.

Note too that scruples can be a “transient” event due to a persons new conversion be it coming into the Church fully or to a better Christian life. If that is the case -you want to “nip them in the bud” as one can.

So get with a regular confessor - perhaps also in an appointment first - for a longer discussion


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