Scrupulosity or Sin?


I was playing Foosball ( with a friend of mine when I started to think/worry/believe that if I lost then it was a sign I was not Saved. Then, after a new game started, I worried that if I got a shut out, it was a sign I was not Saved. At one point, when I was losing and had no points, a curse words towards God crossed my mind a couple of times and I got intense/angry during the game.

Now, I worry did I commit the sin of superstition and then sin by cursing at God. This kind of stuff bothers me and, usually, I chalk it up to Scrupulosity, but it still really bothers me.

EDIT: I have had similar occurrences happen before where I feel like if I do or do not something, or something does or does not happen, then it means I am not Saved or something.


Foosball and similar events have nothing whatsoever to do with salvation. Do you go deliberately looking for ‘signs’ as to whether you are ‘saved’ in things like the outcomes of foosball games? That is indeed superstitious, but I suspect is not true in your case. If the thoughts about such things being ‘signs’ come into your head unbidden, say during a game or something, then it’s not conscious and not a sin.

Did you know that scruplosity can be related to Obsessive Compulsive Disorder? Do you worry in a similar way about other aspects of your life as well as spirituality? If so, seek professional help.

Prayers for you.

Above all, you know the rules for the scrupulous - stick to the one confessor like glue, ask him and him ONLY for advice about any spiritual issue that is troubling you. By second gessing and seeking multiple opinions from others (such as here), you are only courting confusion, because you’re bound to get multiple opinions. This confusion only feeds your scrupulosity, so you’d be far better off NOT seeking information from sites like this.


You know the mind is one of the greatest battlefields for satan…and why we are to bring our thoughts to the obedience of Christ…Are faith isn’t built on our thoughts good or bad but by the promises of God…When we trust Christ for our salvation we not guaranteed of not having any doubts…Despite God’s promises satan does his best to get our thoughts off God’s promises and on doubt and fear…I have a mild case of OCD and tend to do things like this…When I do I just let the stuff go and keep my mind on His promises…I think of the one verse from Psalms…That He will keep me in perfect peace when I keep my mind on Him…God Bless you and keep you in perfect peace…K…

God renews our mind but it is up to us what thoughts we entertain…It’s up to us to mature…I learned something in my early years of walking with Christ called “practicing the presence of Christ” It’s living daily thinking Jesus is always aware of what we see , do and say…It really helps me to keep my thoughts in order, what I watch , say and do…It really helped me to keep close to the Lord and always do my best to walk in the Spirit rather that the flesh…


Yes, listen to Lily. Asking on a public website will only lead to confusion, especially since people have so many different opinions. Just talk to a priest.

And no, I don’t think any of the things you mentioned are sins. Relax, dude. :smiley:


Go see a good priest and talk with him about it. He’ll be able to help you. You are falling into thinking that is not right. Let the priest help you with these thoughts. Peace!


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