Scrupulosity problem?


Man i instaled program called Odin,its for installing anroid software. Odin is name of pagan god.
Now i feel like to have my software installed that way and using program with that name is a sin.
Is this scrupulosity?


I’m guessing you’re not very familiar with overall word etymology. Many of our words have pagan origins. As long as the software dosn’t require you to pray to the pagan God, you’re fine.


Many programs and applications in IT have non-christian gods’ names and entities and concepts. You would have to stay away from computers just to be away from. But you can also use them and do good actions with computers and not let it influence you in any way. It’s just a machine, a toy or a tool.


Yes, I’d say it is. There is nothing wrong with mythology, there is only something wrong with worshiping the gods of mythology. The Aeneid is a Roman book full of tales of pagan gods and yet it is said that Virgil, by writing the Aeneid, made way for Christianity to take hold of Rome.


Would the names Atlas, Venus or Mars bother you in an ad? We have Venus pencils and Mars candy bars. They were also pagan deities. I am scrupulous too and was once wondering if I as a Catholic could sell a perfume by the name of “goddess?” My confessor allayed my concern saying that nobody in our culture believes in female gods. I found in the dictionary that goddess also means a woman of great beauty and charm.


Well i talked with a priest, and he said i should concetrate more on Gods forgivenes and other parts of faith, rather on my sins,that that is just a program, and scrupulosity is just driving me in circle, and away from God, so that is what im going to do…


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