Scrupulosity Situation- Please Help!

On Holy Saturday I confessed to a mortal sin I held in for a very long time. I felt relief for a little while then started questioning myself and started to feel uneasy. I questioned if I was actually forgiven because of how I confessed my mortal sin. I started finding all of these little problems with how I confessed my sin and started going crazy like “I should have said this over that” and “this was a very poor choice of words I should of explained it like this… am I still forgiven even though I said that?” I confessed the kind and number. I keep questioning my forgiveness and sometimes I think I’m acting ridiculous and other times I’m in such great fear that I didn’t confess correctly. But I still have so many questions and keep questioning myself and it’s making me go insane. If any of you can answer my questions privately it would really be a big help to me or give me any advice I would really appreciate it.

Hi Vanessa. Can I help you?

You have to believe that your sins are forgiven when your priest tells you your sins are absolved. If he needed to know more detail, he would have asked for it. Be at peace, Vanessa.


Find a good priest, one priest, and trust that priest. If the priest gives you absolution, that is the final word.
Internet forums will only drive you to distraction.


Hi Vanessa. From what I understand, you confessed your sins as best you could at the time. You received absolution from the priest who obviously felt he had sufficient detail in order to understand your situation. You were absolved, forgiven.

You are then second guessing your confession. Wondering should you have said this or that.

Do not do this. Once you leave the confessional leave your sins there, behind you. That is what Jesus wants. That is why He forgave you through the Sacrament He instituted.

You did your best, confessed sins in kind and number. End of. You are forgiven. You must accept the forgiveness that Jesus offers. To not do so could be a subtle type of spiritual pride. Don’t go there.

Confess. Do your best in terms of how you express yourself. Graciously and humbly accept the forgiveness that Jesus offers and be at peace.

The devil will try to make you feel that Jesus would never forgive you. He will try to make you hate and doubt the Sacrament of reconciliation as he would very much like that you stop availing of it.

Be at peace.

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You confessed kind and number. You did not purposefully withold anything. You were absolved.
Be at peace

Did you go to confession in the past and withhold this sin?

Yes and I confessed the sin and I confessed to holding the sin on my soul

It is forgiven. Let it go.

If you confessed any mortal sins at confessions where you help back this particular sin, then you not absolved of those sins. I would go back to confession, say the sins from the confessions where you withheld the sin, say how many confessions this happened at, and the the sin itself. Then you will have covered all the bases. In the mean time, make an act of perfect contrition for all mortal sins.

At confession I mentioned every sin, mortal and venial, since I held this back because I knew that I would have to repeat them since they weren’t forgiven before. I also mentioned I have held this back at previous confessions and confessed the sin itself.
Thank you for your advice.

That being the case, you are all good!

It’s what I would do if this was me…

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