I think I have problem with scrupulosity. I went to confession three days ago and I feel as if I need to go again today because last night I was watching TV and there was a romantic scene (i think it was TBS) , and I didn’t change the channel. I feel as if I committed a mortal sin. Is there anything that can help me with my scrupulosity. Thanks for your responses.


Is it a sin to watch a romantic scene on TV? I’m sure their would have to be many varibles to be considered. Given that, I’m sure you know the answer to this question. The really problem is the possibility of scrupulosity.

There is a lot worse places you can be in this world besides a confessional, I would suggest talking with the priest explaining your situtation in detail my guess is he will help you figure out this problem.


This is a wonderful resource for people who deal with scrupulosity:

You may want to read the November 2005 newsletter, Was this a Mortal Sin?

As the previous poster noted, too, you will do well to discuss this with your regular confessor and he can help you with this.


I kind of doubt that you committed mortal sin, but please take that up with your confessor. I’m just a dude on the computer.

I would also encourage you to not expect sainthood to be an instantaneous event. Many people I’ve observed who suffer from scrupulosity seem to have this belief that they should be perfect like the saints. The problem with that is that the saints weren’t always perfect. They sinned like the rest of us. Allow yourself to spend some time in the minors before you jump to the big leagues. Certainly one should strive for perfection, but perfection takes time and practice…for most a lifetime followed by stint in purgatory.

Also remember Christ came to save not to condemn. It seems to me He would be more impressed with what you are doing to improve yourself versus what you are doing to condemn yourself. So you watched a romantic scene on TV last night? The next time one comes on, promise yourself that you’ll change the channel. If you do…that’s improvement.

You’re a keeper in God’s eyes. This article might explain what I mean better.

You are loved. Never forget that.


Excellent post.


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