Scrupulous, please help

Hi, I’m going to get right to the point because I’ve been worrying far too long and have had enough!

Over a year ago, I was in a situation where I had a choice whether to french kiss a girl. I was not sure whether the act were sinful or not and I may have (do not exactly remember due to time passed since the act) decided to ask a priest after the fact just to be sure. I decided that it did not feel much different from a usual kiss so I went ahead with the act. Later, after consulting a priest, I determined that the act was objectively sinful. I did not determine whether the act was mortally sinful. I received Holy Communion before confession, in which I confessed the act but not Holy Communion. Since then and up to the current time I have been on-and-off worrying about various circumstances regarding this act and whether it were mortally sinful.

I do not recall being worried about the possibility of mortal sin in the time right after the act, this is a more recent worry. Maybe I have forgotten some mitigating circumstance?

Please help me!!!


Talk to a priest about this. We can’t give you absolution !!! God Bless, Memaw

“in which I confessed the act but not Holy Communion”

Did you willfully not confess taking Communion? If you merely forgot or didn’t think of it, and would have confessed it if you had though of it, then it’s covered as forgiven.

I have been talking often to a priest about this! He says to put it in God’s hands.

I don’t recall even thinking about it until some time after the fact. I have pretty much decided that since I’m having such a hard time remembering my particular state of mind, it’s better just to forget about this.

A person with scrupulosity (It is not scrupulous to say a french kiss can be quite sinful - I am responding in general to “scrupulous please help”) ought to have a regular confessor - who can direct them. Such is the age old practice in the Church.

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