Scrupulous Question on Abstinence from Meat on Friday


I have a question about the abstinence from meat on Good Friday.

What if one were to eat ribs for dinner Holy Thursday night and fell right asleep, without brushing their teeth.

If there are rib pieces in their teeth and a meat taste in their mouth, then what now? Ignore it?

Yes. You did not deliberately break the law of abstinence, so there is no sin.

The instant it went in your mouth, the digestion process began. The stipulation is not to EAT it, you can go right ahead and digest it!

But if the meat was in your teeth and you purposefully sucked it out because it was bothering you, you’d go straight to hell for sure.

–Just kidding! Thankfully, our church is the church of common sense. If it is common sense to not count digestion or an infinitesimal sliver of meat between the teeth as “Eating Meat,” we can be positive that our church agrees. At any rate, you need to understand intention: as you did not intend to “Eat Meat,” how can you be held accountable for it? <- That goes for any so-called sin that you do not intend cooperate with.

Did you have an opinion when you posted this?

Are you struggling with scruples or another psychiatric disorder?

Exactly. What gave it away, the title? :slight_smile:

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