SD Republican Party calls for Obama impeachment


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I think that President Obama does need to be impeached simply because of his attacks on our religious freedom. There are other reasons why he should be impeached too though.


I have mixed feeling about impeachment. I agree that Mr Obama has been a terrible president and has repeatedly failed to “faithfully execute the office of President”. I also am very wary of using impeachment as a partisan measure when he has too many supporters in the senate have any chance of conviction. As much as it hurts now, the electorate needs to learn that elections have consequences and choosing an unknown person on the basis of “hope and change” is their own fault.


Good luck. :slight_smile:


He does need to be impeached in my opinion, but the government is already overwhelmed with so many scandald and investigations how can we add impeachment and expect our government to keep functioning? There are so many people that need to be removed from office.

I am all for it as long as there are people committed to seeing it through to the end. Getting through the next 2 years is going to be tough enough.


It’s not luck that is needed, a Republican majority in the Senate is what is needed. Let this next election go the way most are predicting and you will see this presidency go down this road.

The scary part is the one who would replace him…:frowning:


Regardless of what he has done (or does with this remaining time in office), impeachment of the first black president will never happen.


Wait…you mean to tell me that Bill Clinton wasn’t the “first black president”???:smiley:


I think the GOP needs to work on developing their own platform. Winning by tearing the other team down is never going to work long term–Americans are sick of politics of that nature. The GOP needs to recut their own image–what do THEY stand for, what are their true core ideals and intentions for this nation. Then, they need to stick to their core ideals and let the voters decide. Has the GOP ever noticed that the Democratic Party never changes its core ideals? Never!

In other words: the GOP needs to stop whining (right now), and start leading. People will follow leaders, they will laugh and scoff at whiners. :slight_smile:

Think through all the great leaders in history, political and faith based–they all shared a common trait: they had a vision that they believed in 100%, and they were not afraid to lead others toward that vision.






Tanx–just think it is time to stop whining, and start leading. The American people voted for this President twice…the GOP needs to get over itself, grow-up and start crafting a real platform for the future. If not, they will float around “hoping” for the other team to mess-up, so that they can slide into office through the back door.

There have been times when the GOP was filled with people of substance…people who knew who they were at their core. The GOP needs to find those people again, and then they need to professionally craft their message so that Americans are attracted to it. No more talking about going backward; rather, they need to craft their vision for this nation while looking foward (which can include restoration of important things, but they do not need to be backward looking). One can take things (like clothing) from the 60s and make them attractive to people today, just look at how vinyl albums is being made to look ultra-hip today, even though digital media are far more convenient and easier to use. Likewise, core ideals can be crafted in different ways so that the old becomes new again.

The GOP also needs to avoid getting into the minutiae–they need to build a wide and sweeping platform that embraces all people, while supporting their core ideals. They need to learn from the other team by creating a grand plan for where it wants the nation to go. They need to be visionaries in the way they project their message. They need to make it clear that today is a new day for the GOP.


Let me join you in wishing them well. We need liberals like you to step forward and encourage other lefties to admit that Obama has been a lawless president! :clapping:


It’s very encouraging to see that even liberals have had enough of the imperial presidency. Hopefully more will be able to put aside their partisanship and stand up for the rule of law over ideology!


Two words to dissuade anyone from the idea of impeachment of the president:

President Biden.


You say that, but unfortunately it isn’t true. Attacking the other guy is very effective in getting elected. Bush did it!!! War on Women!!! Racist!!! 1% out of touch with the people!!! They’re trying too kill off the old people!!! Thy hate the poor!!! As much as Americans may say they’re tired of it, the voting record shows otherwise.


I agree that negative attacks have at times worked…and they will (sadly) work again. That is not what I am speaking of though. The only way negative attacks work is when a candidate is already in a weak position. If the GOP makes a strong case and one that includes all people, then the attacks will not work as easily, and the GOP will be able to attack back by stating the other side is NOT for all people. If one does not go in with a postive and strong message, then negative attacks will work. Sadly.

If all the GOP has is the ability to attack their politcal opponents, they will lose. Just look at what happened to Eric Cantor–millions spent on attacks ads, and he lost because he did not have a positive message. He was attacking, rather than leading.

People will vote for leaders.

I am not saying the GOP should become moderate or give-up on its core ideals. I am saying that the GOP needs to re-brand itself and its core ideals in a way that people can understand and follow.


Possibly, but Americans always claim they are tired of negative politics, and attacking of one’s opponents, and yet, come election time, the negative attack ads are always the most effective is swaying the votes of the ignorant and gullible. That’s how we got stuck with BO.

The foolish voters in this electorate voted for Obama twice. I wouldn’t trust anything they say they want. It’s be like taking advice from my toddler on how change the WPA2 keey on my wireless signal.

I do agree good leadership is needed from the right. The problem is the media will twist any candidate, and flat out lie aboutthem to destroy that image. It is a different era than it was in 1980. There were still people with principles and integrity on the left back then. Even carter and his voters weren’t bereft of morals the way the voters and media are today.

I hope someone can emerge and fight off the attacks, as I think there are some good candidates, but it will be tough.

The left does the political equivalent of accusing someone of rape. Even after their are cleared, the image sticks, and every time someone searches for that name and rape on the internet, guess what comes up?


People will choose what they know, over what they do not know, if all things are equal. The GOP needs to worry less about attacking, and more about building a platform and image that people can follow.

You raise the topic of the President–yet look at the Romney campaign. So much time and effort was given to attacking the President, rather than trying to build a platform for the future that would have given people reason to choose someone new. All we heard was how horrible the Democrats and the President were, rather than hearing why the GOP would be better than those in office. Why should anyone change their vote if they have no confidence in the team trying to replace the incumbents?

Romney and the GOP had no ned platform, no new methodology–it was old and seemingly drawn from an 80s handbook. Most people will not study the issues, so building a likeable and undertstable platform and reputation is critical.

Again, the GOP cannot whine about the situation–they need to build a foward-looking path around their difficulties. They have to find ways to get the media on board, or least some of the media…they have to find ways to get their message out, their real message. To point to the other side and blame their tactics is never going to get the GOP anything.


What a stupid thing to do.

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