SD Republican Party calls for Obama impeachment


You forgot that Mitt Romney allowed Joe Soptic’s wife, who was stricken with cancer, to die! It doesn’t matter that it wasn’t true. Low information voters were treated to Soptic’s lying commercial on youtube, long after he was exposed as a fraud. Maybe that’s why so many more Americans believed that Obama cared more about “people like me” than Romney. :shrug:


It’s just a ridiculous political maneuver. There are no grounds.

I agree with those who consider the Obama presidency to be a bad one. At least it is an improvement over his predecessor, though. And, let’s not forget whom he was running against. You think Obama is bad, imagine President McCain. You think Biden is a joke, imagine VP Palin.


It doesn’t matter whether there are grounds or not. Takes attention away from the horrible job he is doing as President. We are rid of him in 2 1/2 years anyway. lets keep our eye on the prize-Republican majorities in both houses .


I fear that any party would get both chambers. Let’s pray that doesn’t happen.


Why would I pray the Party that supports abortion, homosexual marriage and forcing Catholics to fund contraception would have control of either chamber?


Personally, I have no admiration for John McCain as a progressive politician. But under a McCain, or Palin administration, 2000 weapons would not have reached Mexican drug cartels compliments of Obama and Holder. Black Panther voter intimidators would have been prosecuted. 690,000 perfectly good motors would not have been destroyed via the Cash for Clunkers program. Religious and private businesses and institutions would not be under attack. The IRS would not be used to destroy political opponents, nor would e-mails and hard drive criminal evidence be destroyed. Chris Stevens would have received the security he needed to survive, and troops would not have been ordered to stand down while he was under attack. He would not have blamed a video which no one had seen. Dinesh D’Souza would still be a free man. There would be no refugee camps staging tens of thousands of children. If a “stimulus” HAD passed under McCain, it would not have been used as a slush fund to political friends. Failed “green” corporations such as Solyndra wouldn’t have been given many more billions of taxpayer dollars to squander. OIl rigs wouldn’t have been plugged, while giving Mexico and Brazil $2B each to continue doing the same deep water drilling that we had been doing. Al Sharpton and Neil Trumka would not be a regular guests at the WH. :o


In what tangible ways is this an improvement over the Bush years? Partisan dislike of one side or another aside, what measurable ways is this better?

And arguing against McCain and Palin is silly - no one knows what that would have been like. Since even liberal pundits are beginning to admit this has been a huge failure of 5.5 years, it is hard to imagine being worse off, but either way, all we know is things are bad in nearly every fashion under Obama. Anything else is speculation.


I think you misinterpreted by remark.


While I agree that there is plenty of room for improvement, I can give several specific examples of improvements:

  1. Implementation of a healthcare policy that has allowed many who were previously unable to obtain health insurance due to preexisting conditions access to care.

  2. We have vastly decreased the number of combat troops forward deployed.

  3. There have been far fewer deaths from acts of terrorism.

  4. The cause of civil rights has been greatly advanced.

  5. There has been a significant economic recovery (even though there is much more work to be done).

  6. We have stopped torturing our captives.


Laughable at best. Nothing but being bitter cause the President is a half black Democrat. If people like them only thought the same and called for impeachment for Bush then their racism wouldn’t be so obvious.


Actually there had been much calling for a Bush impeachment, but Pelosi, of all people, put an end to that discussion.


You’re right - it’s all about the president being half-black. Has nothing to do with a disastrous foreign policy, attacks on religious liberty, promotion of mental illnesses as “normal and healthy”, the seemingly never-ending parade on one scandal after another… :rolleyes:


Although this kind of discussion may not be as abnormal as some think, Obama will not be impeached.


=Monkey1976;12111009]You’re right - it’s all about the president being half-black.

Between that and running an administration that favors signing checks, that’s how he was re-elected.

I just hope the American people realize that as terrorists are rebuilding terror camps in the Middle East with hopes of hitting the EU and America again.


Well stated.


I don’t think people should be operating under the delusion that terrorist groups were ever really on the ropes or that the “War on Terror” can or ever will be won. We can play whack-a-mole with every “top leader” in Al Qaeda, or whatever the cells which splintered away are calling themselves now, for all of eternity and we will have accomplished nothing. You cannot wage an effective war against a global organization in which everyone is expendable, is always easily replaced, and will never be short of bodies to throw at us. Scattering them into the wind by invading the Middle East hurt us more than it helped, but the fact that these people are plotting against us is not a recent development.


Highly unlikely he’d ever be removed from office anytime soon given the makeup of the senate.


The problem is that Congressional leaders such as Boehner, McConnell, Cantor, McCarthy and McCain stand for very little now domestically. You can’t count on any of them. But even though you are very concerned about the GOP, Patrick, half of a campaign, (esp. when the referees (media) are rooting for the other team), needs to focus on the records of your opponent. People aren’t going to learn the truth about Democrats through osmosis. Advertisments need to shine the light of Truth on any skulduggery, and thereby drive up the negatives of the opposition. Any campaign which allows itself to be defined by the Democrat relentless attacks, and fails to respond, is doomed to defeat. Read: Romney! :shrug: Rob


No, unless he changes his registration to Republican. :rolleyes:

What I would like to see is a Cruz or Gowdy draw up Articles of Impeachment which WOULD be sent to the WH were there a smidgeon of justice left in America. Rob


Talk about a solution desperately seeking a problem…Perhaps Obama should have armed the Syrian rebels now tearing Iraq apart and then agreed to send Americans to Iraq for the THIRD time. Maybe then he would get doubly impeached for (a) nurturing terrorist groups that then turn around and strike American interests or (b) for trading soldiers’ lives for oil?

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