SDA believe Pope Benedict is the Antichrist????

A woman I work with was told in all seriousness by a Seventh Day Adventist that they believe Pope Benedict is the antichrist and that he has removed one of the Ten Commandments. Where does this stuff come from??? (Rhetorical question, of course.) Has anyone heard this about SDA? Anyone know for sure? Any SDA’s on the forums who can respond?

And I’d sure love to know what commandment Pope Benedict has removed…

It was the secret “Thou shalt not call the pope antichrist” that he removed. :rolleyes:

Sorry, couldn’t help myself. I don’t know WHERE people come up with this stuff!

I am on another forum with some SDA, and yeah they believe that a pope will be the Antichrist. :shrug: The Pope’s recent encyclical really got them all fired up, they took his quote out of context to prove their point that the Pope wants to set up a One World Government, and made claims that Pope Benedict wants to revive the Holy Roman Empire.

Edit to add. I am not sure about the removal of a commandment claim is, haven’t heard anyone mention that one…unless it has to do with one of their oldest grievances that the Catholic Church was in error by switching the main day of worship from Saturday to Sunday(the Lord’s Day). But that wouldn’t apply to just Pope Benedict…so don’t know. :shrug:

As far as removing a commandment, I think this is the same accusation some Evangelical protestants throw around. I used to have a roommate who was an evangelical and was always calling me out on things in the Catholic faith he thought weren’t biblical, so I got to know their arguments pretty well. They think we took out the commandment about idolatry. Here’s a tract I found right here on Catholic answers. This must be what they’re talking about.

All the new popes are the antichris’t to the SDA they have been coming up with this **** for years, they do not like Cathloics.

I had heard the accusation about removing the commandment against idolatry; I thought that one was old hat and they’d come up with something new and exciting…

PassthePeace1, could you get the SDA’s on the other forum to come over here and explain?

Even some Catholics believe there will be an antipope in league with the antichrist, so I guess SDA’s believing it isn’t too much of a shock, but Pope Benedict specifically?? The one-world government is a thought, though. I wish I’d been in on the conversation so I could have asked questions.

Oh wow, I don’t know how well that would go over…most of them that post, are very aggressive in their posting style. Thread probably wouldn’t stay open long…lol. ’

Let me go over there and see if they have a current thread…think there was one not to long ago.

You’d think they could at least be original.

From the Westminster Confession of Faith (1646), CHAPTER XXV, Of the Church: VI. There is no other head of the Church but the Lord Jesus Christ: nor can the Pope of Rome in any sense be head thereof; but is that Antichrist, that man of sin and son of perdition, that exalteth himself in the Church against Christ, and all that is called God.

Do they realize how long ago the Presbyterians beat them to that punch?

I wonder, if one asked them, would they claim they actually like Catholics, like Jimmy Swaggert, et al?



Maybe it’s not such a good idea then. I don’t want to start WWIII or encourage that kind of behavior from either side. I could call one of their churches and ask, I guess. I don’t mind if they get aggressive with me on the phone. All I want is the information; not going to argue with them.

I do think there is an official site for their founder’s beliefs, I just can’t find my bookmark now. I know they do not really vary from saying this as Lutherans do, the difference may be that Lutherans consider the office of pope to be antichrist rather than each pope being one, I am not sure if SDA’s make any distinction in that matter or not. I do know, they feel it is the sign of the devil to worship the Sabbath on Sunday rather than Saturday.

I don’t think the Pope is the Anti-Christ persay but the Office of the Pope is. I think removing means they rewrote one to have Church on Sundays instead of Saturdays, not sure though

I don’t know what they keep going on about. They claim that the Catholic Church moved the Sabbath to Sunday in the 4th century by Constantine I, thus breaking the third commandment. In reality, we have writings from St. Ignatius which talk about Christians worshiping on Sunday that go back to the early 100s AD. It has nothing to do with pagans.

I think, you can go farther back than that. Go to Paul of Tarsus talking about taking up a collection on Sunday. Might help.

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