SDA friend said "I hope people can see Christ in me" so what do you do ? as a Christ man?


My SDA friend said" I hope people can see Christ in me"
So what do you do? As a Christ man?

So the question is can you see Christ in people you meet? Of other denominations?

And what do you recognize as a Christ behavior?

Thanks GB


I have known many people I could see Christ in. Both Catholic and non-Catholic.

See MT 7:16 or JN 13:35. You will know them by their works, See how they love one anothrr.



Saint (Mother) Teresa of Calcutta always talked about seeing Christ “in His distressing disguise of the poorest of the poor.”

Seeing Christ in others, in my opinion, is about serving Christ through our service to them, loving Christ in our loving actions towards them.

Sometimes, Christ reveals Himself in the beautiful, loving actions of others, or through their wisdom.

I try to be the love of God in word and action to my students, their families, and my colleagues, to my family and friends, and even strangers in a store. Christ has no body now but ours.

And the religion of the other person has nothing to do with anything. God has spoken to me through my atheist friends as well as – or even better than – my Christian friends.



Yes, I can see Christ in people.
Yes, in people of any denomination or no denomination.

What do I recognize as Christ behavior?
KINDNESS first and foremost. And PATIENCE.
A genuine sense of caring about others.
Spending time and resources in helping others, without looking for publicity for doing so, any more than is necessary (for fundraisers and getting the word out for events, publicity is needed)

And also a sense of balancing care for others with a healthy spiritual and personal life.
A prayerful person, assuming they pray
No dishonesty or hypocrisy.
No trashing of others who believe or think differently.
Gently showing others the way rather than spewing vitriol or calling names.
A very, very long fuse.

Basically, someone I would admire and want to emulate, not run away from.


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