SDA friend?


I’m friendly, at a pretty initial stage, with a guy who’s a pretty dedicated SDA. I’m also male, and Catholic.

My take on this is to just give him the “in this day and age, I’m glad ANYONE is religious and faithful to his religion” approach (which I believe in; I’m not a big proselytizer).

But what if he starts getting into heavy duty stuff, rather than just letting well enough alone?


Just have a good solid understanding of what Catholicism teaches. Be firm in what you believe and always speak to him clearly, honestly and with CHARITY.

If he asks you questions about Catholicism and you do not know the answer. Tell him that you don’t know but will find out and get back to him in x many days. Keep to your word.

If he makes comments about scripture and you are unsure what to think about that or what the Church teaches then just tell him that you need to chew on it. Write down the passage and read them in context to scripture. See if there is any “Catholic Opinion” on it. Later if he asks you can tell him yeah I thought about it and read some things on it. And this is “MY opinion” on it.

That is all I can offer. It works with all people you talk to regardless of religion or creed. :slight_smile:


I’d also like to add that SDA’s that I’ve spoken with like to make references to obscure historical information about what the RCC has taught/declared in the past.

You might want to be prepared to do some historical “digging” to answer some of what is said. The internet goes a long way in helping. The online EWTN document libraries are very nice, as are Catholic Answers and Patrick Madrid’s websites.


Mommyof02green has some good suggestions. Perhaps I can tell you about some accusations an SDA pastor made to me regarding the Catholic Church - these are some specifics you can get yourself up to date on:

  1. Catholics are cannibals because they believe in the true presence of Christ in the Eucharist.
  2. Catholics eliminated the 2nd commandment and worship statues.
  3. Cathoics changed the true Sabbath from Saturday to Sunday.
  4. Catholics follow a human as head of their church instead of Christ as head of their church.

You should also be familiar with Ellen White (considered a prophet) and the book the Great Controversy which presents a very anti-Catholic false history of the Church and presents SDA theology.

SDA have a list of 28 beliefs - you may want to look at those on their website.


I would carefully consider carring on a relationship with someone if they have bigoted anti-Catholic views. Marriage could be a real problem here. This is the voice of experience.


I don’t think that the OP needs to worry about marriage here.
The OP has stated that he’s male and the Adventist in question is male.

I think he just friend of the guy, a pal, etc

I thought men had “guy” friends like women have “girlfriends”…
Although I don’t think the men go to the bathroom together; do you?


LOL - I doubt that marriage would be a problem here unless they are in a state that allows gay marriage and in that situation - well they have enough problems without bringing religion into the senerio.


I see. Nonetheless, if the guy shows bigotry then any friendship should be ended.


Agree and would say it goes both ways…


I don’t think that’s an issue here. Read the OP more carefully :stuck_out_tongue:


Stay friends whether he tries to convert you or not; be kind and open to him at all times and in all circumstances.

Think Christ.


adventist no more: thanks. I’ll go by this.

Not too likely my wife will let me marry again!


I am a former Adventist, and I can say from experience, that Adventists are taught to befriend people in order to win converts.

That doesn’t mean every friendship is struck up on false premises, but its something to remember.

The strategy is to ‘love bomb’ the potential convert, playing up all the positive social interactions possible. After conversion of course, these kinds of friendships cool quickly as new recruits are targeted and the love bomber moves on to the next victim. Maybe one reason 90% of new Adventists don’t last five years?

I’m not saying a few people do this, I’m saying we were TAUGHT to do this kind of ‘evangelism’. (they just didn’t use the term ‘love bomb’)

Another thing to be wary of, is that anti-catholic teachings in Adventism aren’t just a few minor things that some Adventists believe. Their theology cannot allow the Catholic Church to be other than the beast and the pope the anti-christ, without entirely discrediting their historical teachings. They will usually allow that ‘some’ Catholics ‘might’ be Christian, but that the ‘system’ is evil.

Even the few willing to see a Catholic as a genuine Christian will continue to believe that it is in spite of their friend’s Church, not because of it.

Adventists are also taught a version of Christian history that is based on fabrication and missconceptions. They have a system of prophecy interpretation that purports to have predicted dates for historical events and say it ‘proves’ their interpretations are correct. While an impressive presentation, a little research shows that the history it is based on is inaccurate. They count on most people not doing any research of their own. I was a student at an Adventist college, when some things prompted me to research the prophecies from secular sources, trying to reassure myself the Adventist interpretation was the correct one. Instead, I found so many problems I left the Adventist denomination.

Take care!

Adventistnomore’s advice is right on… stay friends and show Christ. I’d like to add, study up and be prepared to answer typical Adventist charges against the Church. Do this for yourself, even if you choose not to discuss it with your friend.


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