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I’m looking for some online free resources on SDA that I can pass on to someone who is considering conversion to that denomination. Specifically, ones that address
i) Adventist doctrine
ii) Adventist teaching about the Catholic church (e.g. superstitious use of the sign of the cross, images of saints, Hyssops Babylon etc.)

I would also appreciate it if you’ll can keep my friend and his family in your prayers.


Hi AVJ there is lots of information out there

Ellen white the prophet of SDA writings are searchable at Ellen White Estate:


Thanks. I probably should have specified I meant Catholic apologetics aginst SDA teachings. :slight_smile:

  1. An Adventist and a Catholic, by Paul Eirene, C.Ss.R. This book, written by a Catholic priest, is a personal encounter with Seventh-day Adventism. It consists of letters exchanged between the author, and an Adventist friend. It captures the deep spirituality of Catholicism and compares it quite objectively with Adventism. I read this book and was stunned at the contrast between the incredibly spiritual depth of Catholic teaching and the message of the Bible on the one hand, and the Adventist attempt to read things into the Bible and bring back the Old Covenant Sabbath on the other hand. Truly one of the best books I have read on the Catholic view of the Sabbath and other Adventist teachings. This is really a MUST for any Catholic interested in Adventism, or any Adventist interested in Catholicism. The book was translated from the original Slovak.
just do a search on adventist here

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