I’m stupid :smiley:
A girl friend of mine likes to take all religions and decide for herself whats right. :stuck_out_tongue:
She makes a lot of references to a boy friend she had who was a seventh day adventist (?) and says that there are things in that religion that debunk the Catholic faith. She will not be specific.
What is a SDA? :confused:
Can someone tell me in not so many words what makes her think sda (or any religion) can debunk the Catholic Faith.
(please be patient with me, I’m still learning)

A brief history–Rebecca


My husband is an SDA - Seventh Day Adventist. The church was founded by Ellen G White around 1867. One of her major writings is called “The Great Controversy”. In this book she makes numerous accusations against the Catholic Church. My husband (before we were married) gave it to me to read to turn me against the Catholic Church. I was appalled at what I read in that book. I had been fortunate to have had a very good Catholic up bringing. The things in the book were so far off what the Catholic church teaches that I was rather astonished that anyone could believe such things. However, SDA look at Ellen White as a prophet sent from God. And people do believe them!

For example - they teach that the Catholic Church is the Whore of Babalon and the Pope is the Anti-Christ. They teach that you must worship on the Sabbath and that the Sabbath is Saturday. When I met with the pastor of the Church he explained to me that he had studied the Catholic Church and knew the problems with it’s teachings. He informed me that we were canibals because we believe in the true presence of Christ in the Eucharist. (I knew that the believe in the true presence came from the Apostles) He told me that Catholics had eliminated the 2nd commandment and worshiped idols. (When I looked in my bible the ten commandments were intact and exactly the same as his - imagine that!) etc, etc…

The SDA is no threat to the Catholic Church when you know history and actual facts.



Wow, your marriage must be interesting. :smiley: Is he practicing? Which church do you go to on Sunday, or Saturday, or both :confused:

God love! :thumbsup:


Yes - it is an interesting marriage. We had to settle many things before we got married - raising kids Catholic, birth control, going to church, etc. He is practising SDA. We have learned to respect each other’s beliefs. I do not go to his church because I do not like be slammed for being Catholic.

But we also concentrate on the similarities. My kids and I are much stronger Catholics because of him. We challenge our beliefs and know so much more and appreciate our faith so much more because of him.



The SDA is vitriolicly anti-Catholic, but they really do fall undfer the following quote of Bishop Fulton J. Sheen.

[size=5]“Few people in America hate the Catholic religion, but there are many who hate what they mistakenly believe is the Catholic religion—and if what they hate really were the Catholic religion, Catholics would hate it too.” [/size]

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