Sea ice level same as 1979



How can this be? I thought we were all doomed by sea ice melting and raising the sea levels and killing us all…What will Al Gore say?..Roanoker

What :eek:

Whew, it’s working already.

Good thing americans elected Obama.

Another fraud by the “global warming” crowd proven wrong.

Time for “crimes against humanity” prosecutions. May I suggest Nuremberg as a place for them? :cool:

His powers know no bounds!

As stewards of the Earth, we need to ensure that we do not despoil it. I would much rather be an alarmist as to pollution than a denier.

This whole issue needs to be de-politicized.

Yes, we should be good stewards. However, we should also not be alarmists. If we are Christians who believe in the truth of God’s Word, then we need to trust in what He said:

“As long as the earth endures, seedtime and harvest, cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night, will never cease.”
----Genesis 8:22

Yes, and we need to ensure that the Earth endures and not despoil God’s creation.

Here are the last 8 years.

And how does CO2 despoil God’s creation? Since this is the clarion call of the AGW believers, how does a naturally occurring substance become a pollutant?

No one disagrees with you on caring for the environment, but it’s the continued alarmism over CO2 that people have a problem with.

CO2 despoils God’s creation when it imperils plant and animal life. Did you see the paper today? About 94% of earth scientists believe there has been man-made global warming since the industrial revolution.

94% of all people once believed the world was flat, too. Didn’t make it true.

Whether or not the earth was flat was speculation. Few had ventured far. Scientists depend on different methods.

This is a matter of science, not politics. Conservatives seem to forget that.

Nope, do you have a link?

The sky is falling!! The sky is falling!!

Talk about alarmism.

Oh-oh, here we go again. I expect that this thread will go to hundreds of posts, as both sides post endlessly showing that they are right.

In the print edition of the Chicago Tribune today, it said that a UIC (University of Illinois at Chicago) poll found that 90% of earth scientists think that the earth has warmed since the industrial revolution (and only 61% of the public believe so) and that 82% of earth scientists believe human activity is a significantly contributing factor in changing mean temperatures. Only 58% of the public believes this.

The UIC pollster said as to global warming: “There are a handful of doubters on the news all the time that keep saying its not real, but really, the vast majority of the climate scientists say its real.”

Extinct is forever, y’all.

Are these the same “scientist” who claimed the arctic would be ice free by the summer of 2008? :shrug:

Didn;t take long to find a response to the Dailytech article which is linked to from the article linked to in the OP.

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