Seahawks beat Broncos 43-8 in Super Bowl


We are so excited here in the Pacific NW! We are the 12th Man. I’m so proud of our talented young team!!!:thumbsup:

The Seahawks won their first Super Bowl crown by punishing Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos 43-8. That masterful defense, the NFL’s stingiest, never let the five-time MVP get going, disarming the highest-scoring offense in league history.


It was the worst one I have ever see



43-8… yep, the excitement was pure adrenaline. :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m going to my local sports store today to plunk down money for excessively priced sportswear! :smiley:


I can’t believe it was such a blowout. I was expecting it to be a lot closer.



I’m still so excited! I don’t think anyone expected anything but a close game. :eek:

Here is a great replay video!


I still want to know what went wrong. How does a team that played so poorly yesterday even get to the Super Bowl? I was so hoping they would win. The people in the Pacific Northwest get too giddy when things like this happen. :smiley:



So funny! :smiley:

Yes, we are giddy. We’re not used to this!!!


:smiley: Were they shooting off fireworks in your neighborhood?


I had worked a nightshift the night before, was too exhausted after the game to stay awake!


We had fireworks in our neighborhood too. It was a GREAT game!


Lucky they scored at all. Inspirational defense. Manning with the neck injuries, its bad enough during the season, never mind the number 1 ranked defense in the NFL. Dangerous is what that was. He caught a vicious blindside hit too. He was out of his comfort zone all day. That’s what a good defense does. They make you play their game.

To defer on the coin toss in the Super bowl is rather new also, four of the past five Super Bowls, the team that’s won the flip has deferred, taking the opening possession of the second half instead of the first half.


I was expecting a fairly close game. The Broncos needed one of those ‘safety nets’ that John Elway spoke poorly of. :smiley:


I know very little about football but everyone that I was watching on TV and where I work was rooting and expecting for Denver to win because of one man: Peyton Manning.

Then during the game somebody tells me that he is 38 years old and only one other person ever won the Superbowl at that age (Elway). It reminded me of a saying my Dad would tell me: “A little bit of knowledge can be dangerous”.

Having 3 interceptions/turnovers is very bad for Denver for the Superbowl and it reminded me in a way of the 1995 NBA Finals with Orlando and Houston and Orlando had 4 free throws and couldn’t sink one of them.


Oh please must we ?:blush:


So sorry for your loss. :wink:


After a forty year wait, nobody should begrudge Seattle from a good celebration.
It was a resounding win, and I enjoyed watching a young quarterback and a solid defense be so dominant.

It may not have been a great competition, but it was a great win.

And Seattle had the best fans too.

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