Seal meat to be on menu at Canadian Parliament

Seal meat to be on menu at Canadian Parliament

OTTAWA (Reuters) - Canada’s parliamentary restaurant will be serving seal meat on Wednesday in a gesture of defiance aimed at a European Union ban on imports of seal products.

Canada’s Conservative government says it will fight the EU ban, which was imposed last July on the grounds that the annual seal hunt off the east coast was cruel and inhumane.

A dish of double-smoked bacon-wrapped seal loin in a port reduction will be on the menu on Wednesday, the office of Senator Celine Hervieux-Payette said on Monday.

Oh, lucky them! Seal oil is high in long-chain Omega-3 fatty acids. Its very heart healthy, perhaps even healthier than fish oil such as salmon.

What’s it taste like though? :confused:

I’ve never tasted it although it’s sold in our local grocery store during the hunt but I hear it’s an acquired taste (then again they say that about Marmite and I fell in love with that from my first taste of it). If someone were to serve it to me I’d surely try it (cooked, not for me the raw heart like our Governor General ate up north a while ago), but I’m not about to pay that price for something I may end up chucking in the garbage.

Here are some recipes:

Some people bottle seal meat each year so they’ll have some to last until the next hunt, but what I’ve seen of bottled seal looks like a huge bloodclot or a placenta in water so thanks, but no thanks, I’ll stick to hamburgers.

One of the big treats from the Newfoundland hunt is something called “flipper pie”.

A bit more about the luncheon, which was held today.

“Did you ever think we’d have such a crowd?” Liberal Senator Celine Hervieux-Payette almost shouted to Conservative Fisheries Minister Gail Shea in a packed side room off the posh parliamentary restaurant.

The British Broadcasting Corporation, Radio Netherlands, the Guardian newspaper of London, Agence France Press and the Seattle Post Intelligencer were just a few of the foreign news outlets that picked up the event.

BTW, one attendee at the luncheon described the taste of the seal pâté: “delicious actually … a little gamey, like caribou or something.”


Good job to them. I hope they take the ban to the WTO. I bet they could get a favourable ruling there.

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