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As a 52 year married old man, I am searching for discoveries. Without being too long worded, Im looking for revitalization of life. I’ve had a wonderful career, traveled, etc., but never had children. While the world seems to be drenched in “stuff”, new house, cars, and enjoying their kids and grandchildren, I want to learn the gospel deeper. I would love to write a book, teach, and most important evangelize people to the christian faith including Catholics that don’t even understand their faith.

So where to start? I thought right here that maybe someone might throw in a suggestion I have not heard. I have thought of becoming a deacon, but part of my culture is that I need to travel (eg. Paul), see new sights and cultures, but most importantly become more educated myself in my faith. A deacon seems to me to be already grounded where they live and normally want to stay in that community. My wife is very supportive in whatever I do and she is the most adaptable person I know. Perhaps go live in a monastery for a week (any suggestions). I live in San Antonio. Most people want to go to the beach for a week, I want to live in prayer for a week. Sounds relaxing. I’m very spiritual, and most people don’t want to discuss what I like to talk about.

At any rate, I could go much deeper, but any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated.


This is a tough one to answer, because you don’t really state quite what you’re looking for. And no doubt, considering your age, you’d be looking for counsels quite different than what one would give to a college man. But a few things do come to mind:

First, if you don’t have a spiritual director, find one. He might be of invaluable assistance in narrowing it down to exactly what you seek.

Second, you don’t here state what your current career is. Are you dissatisfied with it? Perhaps there’s something related that you could transition into. However, at 52, you probably wouldn’t be looking to change careers completely, nor would I advise that. And so, I might presume you’re looking for something avocational (in the secular sense) to do.

Thus, thirdly, write. You say you want to write a book. What’s stopping you? I’m a writer myself, and so well I know that you won’t actually write until you force yourself, until you decide that you’re sitting down at my desk and writing for an hour, even if you don’t think you have anything to say. And then do it again the next day. Never let a day go by that you don’t write, even if it’s just a short poem. Then the ideas will start coming.

God bless.


Getting in touch with a spiritual director is a good idea. He or she may be able to suggest a good retreat with a specific focus or goals in mind. I know of a monastery in Pecos, NM ( ) that offers retreats to the public for a weekend, a week, or longer. It is a lovely place and I have had the opportunity to visit it several times during the day for lunch and fellowship as well as to attend mass on Sundays. Hope this helps. :slight_smile:


Praying to the Holy Spirit to give you guidance & direction in your time of need.


I pray that you find the revitalization you seek. For I certainly understand where you are coming from. Although somewhat older, I share your views regarding the world drenched in “stuff.” Perhaps a retreat is in order.

On this subject, I don’t believe your outlook, mindset, and feelings are isolated at all. Many, many people come to the same place you have arrived at. To me, the world has become empty, inauthentic, and a hollow place devoid of true value. This I attribute to the popular media culture, lack of Christian ideals, and the constant media bombardment and consumer culture Americans are subject to. It seems that nothing external is real, or valid.

This search involves our souls seeking what is authentic and rejecting what is not. For what it’s worth, I am taking the search inward, in prayer, to carefully discern what is truly meaningful and to determine how to spend my remaining healthy years. In this regard I am eternally grateful to have been blessed with a contemplative nature. I think you have been blessed as well.

Be confident that your closeness to God will provide the answers, and direction you seek. Many things, many people, and many aspects of life are empty vessels. Jesus is not.


Thank you all for the advice. I know its been 3 weeks since I posted. A spiritual director seems to be in order along with writing everyday. I know I was not very clear in my current career, but I guess to sum it all of, I’m afraid of letting it all go. Its a leap of faith issue for me.

Thank you for the blessings and feedback. Also the monastery in New Mexico is what I am looking for. I love New Mexico.




If you’re able to do so, I would suggest looking into a Masters degree. Notre Dame offers an M.A. in Theology which is done online during the year and on campus during the summer (you’re there for 6 weeks during the summer). It’s not as academic as the MTS degree, offered as a standard Masters throughout the year. Nevertheless, if you want to teach, you must first learn, and this would be a good way to do that.


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