Search Goes on for Whoever Shot 8 Ohio Relatives in the Head


ABC News:

Search Goes on for Whoever Shot 8 Ohio Relatives in the Head

A day after eight members of one family were found dead with gunshots to the head at four properties in rural southern Ohio, authorities on Saturday continued the scramble to determine who targeted that clan and why. Investigators said they’ve interviewed more than 30 people hoping to find leads in the deaths of the seven adults and 16-year-old boy whose bodies were found Friday at homes southwest of Piketon.

All were shot in the head, authorities said, and it appeared some were killed as they slept, including a mother in bed with her 4-day-old baby nearby. The newborn and two other small children were not hurt.
Authorities said all the victims were members of the Rhoden family, but they declined to provide any more information about them.

Investigators said that none of the deaths appeared self-inflicted and that they believed at least one assailant remained at large, considered armed and dangerous. Investigators were following up what they described as an “overwhelming” amount of tips, but no one had been arrested.
Authorities urged surviving members of the Rhoden family to take precautions and offered help, and they recommended that area residents also be wary.


Tragic. I dare say, the Ohio police will catch whoever committed this terrible crime.


Through the intercession of St. Michael and the Blessed Mother, may the perpetrator be apprehended before he/she can do any further harm, and may law enforcement and first responders be safe as well. And may those orphaned children be safely cared for and protected and healed from mental and spiritual trauma. :gopray:


AMEN! :crossrc::highprayer:


Good heavens. Praying for all involved…:frowning:





A beautiful prayer.


:amen: :signofcross:


Does anyone happen to know what that part of Ohio is like? Is it infested with meth labs and speed freaks and that sort of stuff?


the Eastern part - part of the Appalachias I read.


This is about 8- miles from my area, meth is bad, but heroin is the BIG problem in most of OH, KY and IN right now.

Downtown Cincinnati has at least 2 open air drug markets, that operate 24/7, I witnessed how bold the dealers are this past week, they work out of a local playground, had to be 250 people standing around, cars would pull up, transactions made and they would pull off, I saw this happen multiple times just sitting at a traffic light,all while Cincy cops drive right by!

Drugs are a HUGE problem in southern OH and probably most of OH too.

Although Im not sure drugs had anything to do with this killing.


For some reason I thought you were in New York.

In NE Ohio (I just moved back here), there are areas where drugs are really bad. Mainly heroin.


I wouldn’t say infested, but there are some meth labs. It’s a rural area, jobs are scarce, and the people are largely uneducated.


I never pictured you in Ohio. I have family members in Ohio, but closer to central Ohio, closer to Columbus than to Peebles. I had no idea heroin had overtaken meth in SE Ohio. My family says there are no open drug markets in Columbus that they know of, and that the Columbus Police would not allow something that open. There are drug dealers, of course, but they tend to keep a lower profile in Columbus. I would guess Cleveland is pretty bad, too.

I wondered if this family had anything to do with a drug dealer. They don’t seem the type, though, but who knows? Whatever the cause, someone sure had a problem with this family!


I actually live in northern KY, only about 7 miles from OH border (cincinnati) though. I frequently work in Cincy. My area is sort of lumped together and referred to as Cincinnati metro area since most of us have more in common with ohioans than kentuckians. lol

We are not southern Ky enough to be called hill billys and not northern enough to be called city folk lol.

PS…I dont have the KY accent either…most people in NKY do not either.

meth is really not that bad here, its all heroin… which I know far too much about. It has killed over 15 people I know. Drugs in downtown Cincy, the metro area are VERY VERY bad, police have been overwhelmed for years by this, thats why dealers do it in the open now in these places, they are not scared of police.


That’s terrible! I haven’t been in Cincinnati for some years now, but last time I was there, I thought it was a nice city!

Stay safe! :slight_smile:


Possible problem:

“Ohio’s Attorney General says marijuana grow operations were found at three of the four places where eight relatives were shot dead in “execution type” killings.”

Illegal drugs, no mater which drug, are never a good idea.


Anybody ask Kasich about the overwhelming drug pedaling - open areas becoming drug “markets” and no law enforcement? Doesn’t sound so good when he claims he has done so much for Ohio.

Drugs, the recent flood of Heroin, the never ending tunnels bringing it in from Mexico, are proof of the need for a WALL that completes securing our border.


That will never happen, heroin and the war on drugs is way too good for too many agencies and people in power, all the drugs means an never ending stream of people ready to commit crimes and be arrested, which keeps jails at capacity, which equals more $$ to the state to house inmates.

Not to mention the never ending stream of cash and property, real estate, etc from law enforcement seizures, drug dealers usually have wads of cash most of the time, some LE agencies rely on this money to supplement their budget.

Oh yes, plus, if they actually got the drug problem under control, what would the DEA do, would they need so many agents and such a large budget anymore?

These are some of the reasons why the war on drugs is good for the authorities.


How will a wall stop “the never ending tunnels?”

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