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…can anyone help me? I want to give it as a gift, but I found nothing but a realy, realy expensive one on the internet. To make it clear: I don´t search necessarily an icon in its original meaning (made to order, written with prayers) but a picture fitting my tight Budget :slight_smile:


This one is $18 US Dollars



I can’t remember where I stumbled across this but I have it as my avatar here also. I love Sts. Justinian and Theodora :slight_smile:

ETA: I found the link to the iconographer.



Wow, thank you all!!! I am happy you showed me those links! The low budget version is definately a way to go for the first time. Too sad there’s no double icon with his wife st Theodora …


I should get one as well, to accompany the coin (practically mint condition) that I have that was minted during the reign of Justinian I. And it resembles the icons, so there is certainly a lot of accuracy to it.


St Justinian is one of the best depicted emperors, in my opinion, as we have various sources (coins, mosaics) that show him in a way you can reconize him. After he survived what was propably the pest, he is depicted with a damaged face, for example. It´s fascinating.


Did you know that the Byzantine Emperors or the empire itself never referred to itself as the “Byzantine Empire”, but the Roman Empire as they considered it to be the legitimate successor of the Roman Empire. Then, of course, Charlemagne considered himself the successor to the Roman Emperors, as well as Ivan IV, of Russia, who married the daughter of the last Byzantine Emperor.


He is considered a saint in the Eastern Orthodox Church, and even called St. Justinian the Great. Granted, he may have and has done many great things, he was infamous for the massacre of at least 30,000 unarmed in the Hippodrome after many riots. And he was responsible for the expansion of the Empire with wars that resulted in the deaths of millions of people. 5 million were killed in his military campaigns in Africa. At least 15 million Goths died in in his conquests, But he did build the magnificent Hagia Sophia . Of course, he wasn’t all bad, as he obviously made great accomplishments to the Empire and to Western Civilization.


I can’t find a matched set, but I did find some affordable Theodora icons at this site


Yes, I know - Basileius ton Rhomaion is the source term for the emperor, which is in fact only “Emperor of the romans”, and the people themselved were simply called romans.
When the Ottomans conquered Constantinople, even they adapted the title as “Emperor of rome” was a title of biggest dignity and power. They called themselves Kaysar Y Rum - you already hera what this means.
The west tends to forget how mighty thse terms were.


As any other holy emperor, yes. He is a Saint because of his liturgical works and the missionary success mainly in the east, as well as for his upholding of the chalcedon. creed.
Holy doesn´t mean flawless. But I think we need to deal especially with those hly people in power, as the sentence “those who have worldly power can´t be saints” goes often far to easy over our lips. Great power is great responsibility.


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