Searching for a certain women's community/habit?

Hello all,

I’ve been searching for a religious women’s community with a certain habit that I saw somewhere once, but haven’t been able to find more than two that match (the Daughters of St Paul and the Sister Disciples of the Divine Master in Australia - for some reason the Australian sisters have a different habit). The basic “structure” of the habit I saw is: a light blue veil, white button-up shirt, dark blue sleeveless vest, and a long blue skirt.

Are there any “religious community experts” among you who know which communities have this kind of habit? Or, if not, who could confirm that those two communities are the only ones which have such a habit?

Thank you in advance and God Bless!

I will post this thread’s link to our religious habit group and hopefully someone will know.

Or you can join and ask there:


check the Daughters of St Paul I think that’s what your looking for

Thank you, Cloisters, for sharing the link: I’ll join and ask there :slight_smile:

I’m started to think they’re the ones I’m looking for, too. Thanks for the input!

The FSP sisters might be the ones I’m looking for, but other answers (whether to confirm or show other possibilities) would be most welcome.


Sometimes the novices will have a different ‘habit’ than their fully professed sisters, so that might contribute to some of the confusion. Based on your description though, it does seem like it’s the Daughters of St. Paul.

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