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I am looking for a reference I remember in the CCC along the lines of man is dependent upon God, but God is not dependent upon man. I must have the wording significantly off, because I can’t find it on an online search. Any suggestions?

Did you try this site?:

Right…I think I have the wording off a bit, because it’s not coming up on the online search.


Is this it? (I don’t think it is, but maybe!)

God created man in his image and established him in his friendship. A spiritual creature, man can live this friendship only in free submission to God. The prohibition against eating “of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil” spells this out: “for in the day that you eat of it, you shall die.” The "tree of the knowledge of good and evil"symbolically evokes the insurmountable limits that man, being a creature, must freely recognize and respect with trust. Man is dependent on his Creator, and subject to the laws of creation and to the moral norms that govern the use of freedom.

I saw that reference, too, and that may be it. I remember another sentence right afterwards, though, saying something about God not being dependent by any means on man.

The more general idea that all creatures, which would include man, are dependent on God but God is not dependent on his creatures is expressed in paragraph 213:

213. The revelation of the ineffable name “I AM WHO AM” contains then the truth that God alone IS. The Greek Septuagint translation of the Hebrew Scriptures, and following it the Church’s Tradition, understood the divine name in this sense: God is the fullness of Being and of every perfection, without origin and without end. All creatures receive all that they are and have from him; but he alone is his very being, and he is of himself everything that he is.

Whether you find the exact passage or not, it’s definitely a true statement.:thumbsup:

Thanks… If I find it, I’ll share the reference!

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