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Hello my name is Lacey. Tomorrow i will have been married for a year. I cheated on my husband when we were dating but i kissed a man 6 months ago i have come clean to my husband but its not enough, how can i come clean to mary and jesus. I am a confirmed catholic and i need my faith back i cannot begin to feel how awful i feel until i know that i am forgiven if it is possible. Thanks for any advice.


Please contact your parish priest and seek confession.

God bless!


I see that you are Catholic. Goto confession. If it has been a long time, let Father know and he will help you make a good confession. Then Father will give you absolution. You willl have the reassurance that you are forgiven.




You surely CAN be forgiven. Just go to confession. That’s part of the glory and awe of God. He wants to forgive you!


I’m really happy for you that you recognize the need for your faith! This moment is painful but it will pass, once you go to confession.

I don’t need to know anything about your situation to be able to tell you that Yes, it is possible for you to be forgiven! God is longing to forgive you. Christ wants to meet you in the Eucharist.

And regardless of if you feel forgiven after Confession (you may or may not), you ARE forgiven, so keep reminiding yourself if you are in any doubt.

God bless,



And after you are forgiven, stay OUT of tempting situations with other men! :ehh:

You cannot continually be absolved of the same sin over and over, because that shows that you really do not have any intention not to sin again, or to avoid near occasions of sin, as we promise in the Act of Contrition.


Congratulations on having been married a year! As the others have said, if you truly are sorry, go to confession and ask God for forgiveness. Once He has forgiven you your sin is not only gone but it’s forgotten.

Do you have temptations and possible near occasions of sin from time to time? The best things to do to battle against them and to keep from falling are two things. First, go regularly to confession every two weeks as over time you will begin to know your predominant faults. Second, every time you have a temptation or feel yourself in a near occasion of sin, acknowledge them and then immediately thank Jesus for the opportunity to have it placed before you then immediately offer it up to Him for the conversion of poor sinners. You would be amazed at how short a time Satan will lose his power in presenting those temptations to you if you regularly and always offer them up.


Praise God that you revealed your in to your husband and that you are now celebrating your first year of marriage! God still wants to take the burden of that sin away from you…he is waiting for you in the confessional. If you are feeling shy, I think you can go in with you and do a family style confession. He may even have some sins that he needs to get off his chest so they are not carried into your second year. Don’t let the devil hold this pesky sin over you any longer…God’s forgiveness has overpowered the devil’s shackles of sin and guilt.
You mentioned also wanting to get closer to Jesus’ mother. Have you considered consecrating your marriage to Jesus through Mary? Every time you get an urge to be unfaithful to your husband or to seek the attention of men…picture Mary raising her heel over the serpant and squishing him once and for all. That is the fate that awaits evil and all the temptation that is trying to destroy your marriage and ultimately your soul. Mary is going to crush it with her heel.


as several people have mentioned… Catholics have this wonderful gift called “the sacrament of reconciliation” more commonly called “confession”.

i have been in your shoes. except i am a convert, so as you may imagine my first confession (being as an adult, who had been married for … uh. many… years) who had a LOT of sins on her conscience… well it was scary.
i had my first confession face to face (although we all had the option of the traditional booth) and the priest assured me he had heard far too much to be shocked at anything.

i felt a lot better afterwards.
now i try to go to confession when i have anything that i think weighs on my mind, even if i am not positive whether it is sinful or not… (and when i miss Sunday. sigh. the perils of working weekends)

:confused: if you are not well versed in your faith, and dont know how to go to confession. just call your parish and ask to make an appt with the priest for confession.

you may want to make an appt for confession in a different parish…:blush:
i understand… honestly the priests dont talk about it. and they dont “look at you funny” i swear! after all… i went to RCIA in my parish and knew the priests pretty well…
but i do understand how it can be easier if you dont know the priest.

when you dont know where else to go… try the local Catholic church near a college campus. they hear EVERYTHING…:eek:
or if not that? a redemptorist parish. they are BIG on the sacrament of reconciliation. we have it twice daily, every day but Sunday at my parish!:thumbsup:


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